Odysseus Starting His Jorney

We now set out on our odyssey! What's an odyssey? A long journey named after the only survivor. Oh ok wait what?

6 thoughts on “Odysseus Starting His Jorney”

  1. I still believe he made it all up because he ******** up. The conversation must have been a bit like this:

    “Oh, Hey Odysseus! Back at last. That took you a while…the other guys came back years ago! Bye the way, where is the rest of our crew?”
    “Well, eh…, you know there was this cyclops and these eh…sirens…and Poseidon was really mad at us…”

  2. So it’s like a Disney cruise. 🤔

  3. An Odyssey is an suv from Toyota with bad transmission problems.

  4. Or Joe Biden’s presidency.

  5. Well, of course, the Trump presidency was referred to as a circus 🤡

  6. The rest of his crew died, not by his fault, but becouse they didn’t trust him. When they came to Thrinacia, the island of Helios, they ate one of his cows. That made Helios angry, so he killed every one of them, exept Odyssey.

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