Canadians Are Weird


There are 2 kinds of people in this world that I have met: Canadians and those who aren’t Canadians YET.

Like what you see? You can actually become a Canadian instantly!


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  1. I do love my home and native land.

    • No WONDER you’re so rude here: you have no freedom of speech where you live.
      Enjoy your cathartic experience!
      Be happy rude!

    • I am only caustic to the likes of you. The only freedom we don’t have is the freedom to foment hatred and violence, hence I have lost all tolerance for Nazis and their ilk. Our media, on the other hand, is free to criticize our government all it likes without fear of being shut down, referred to as “fake”, or barred from press events.

    • According to Rattus and Leftist “Canadians”…
      speaking an opinion which is in variance of (or, God forbid! in opposition to!) Leftist drivel
      “hatred and violence.”

      Gotcha…spoken like a true TOTALITARIAN…which you Leftists ARE!!!

    • I utterly despise RWNJs, MRAs, and other bigots and I’m going to be honest – anything that shuts you all up is okay by me. Everyone else, whether I’m in agreement with them or not, is completely free to blather on about whatever they want.

    • @Rattus- you guys still have Nazis?!? Damn you guys are living 60 years in the past.

    • Dear Rattus, wholeheartedly from a fellow Canadian: you are an imbecile.

    • I, and every thinking human across the political spectrum, can not and wll not take seriously anyone who portmanteaus the word “retard”.

  2. Seems like a cool place for a guy with no chill

  3. They way Canada gets portrayed on here on a regular basis, I get the impression that the Canadians are very polite and nice people. Must be a great place to live.

  4. Not a Blieber January 7, 2018

    William Shatner, Justin Bieber., Céline Dion..

    I will never forgive you Canada.

    • Yeah, we don’t really undestand why you people keep taking and elevating our worst musicians when there are so many good ones that you completely ignore.

    • Joni Mitchell, SCTV and Neil Young more than make up for it.

  5. not a Democrat January 9, 2018

    Canadians, what will you do when your Islamist immigrants call for Sharia law and want to take away your beer? Guess it’s already against your law to speak out against them. What will you do when they demand that your women cover their heads if they don’t want to be raped? It’s okay, eh? Sorry to offend your sensibilities, eh? Welcome to Canada, eh? Put on your burkas, you shameless *****, eh?

  6. A lot of these look like MI. Especially the octopus and hockey puck. That tradition began in Detroit.

  7. Wow. Truly astounding. Oops, forgot where you come from for a sec. Carry on.

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