Fresh Selection Of Funny And Bizarre Vintage Album Covers

We have previously featured a selection of funny and bizarre vintage album covers. It was some time ago, so it’s about time to add more weirdness to this collection.

12 thoughts on “Fresh Selection Of Funny And Bizarre Vintage Album Covers”

  1. My mum had those albums by Mrs Mills and Lionel Blair! They didn’t seem weird at the time!

  2. Whats a mum? is that short for mummy?

  3. The world is going crackers… no, let me correct myself. The world has gone crackers and has been for a long time.

  4. I wonder what it means that most of these are European…..

  5. It means you should be scared :)

  6. Is it just me or does the posting person recycle the stuff most of the time?

  7. It means that you can not distinguish European from American.

  8. No explanation required.

    Cats > Music Artists > Penguins > Dogs

    – CatMan

    PS It’s been several days since the last cat was seen on this site. Apply yourself, EatLiver!

  9. Hello !
    I am French and I can explain the one about “Coluche” (n°14d).
    This man was a humorist who died in 1986 in a motorbike crash.
    What he wears on this cover was his most iconic stage outfit, and he was really funny !
    Many French people still miss him…

  10. The two Yugoslav albums here were quite popular at the time. Mišo Kovač still is, and Mica Ostojić was and still is a humorist, hence the odd cover.

  11. The “Relax with my horns” artist has never been taken seriously by the audience nor the music industry.

  12. Ted Nugent’s Scream Dream seemed soooo cool at the time. Now . . . wow, who’d have guessed old cool could be so modern lame.

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