Funny And Bizarre Vintage Album Covers

22 thoughts on “Funny And Bizarre Vintage Album Covers”

  1. My last move I lost a lot of stuff. Movers were p***-poor packers and lost all my albums. I see you found them. Can I get them back?

  2. is this a collection of album covers or pictures of ugly people? god knows i’m no princess but i look like kate upton next to these people.

  3. Get help. We movers have been merciful…

  4. Well sure the covers are funny from today’s perspective but you have to take into account that this was before physical beauty became a prequisite to get into showbusiness. Now the looks are all that count.

  5. Conclusion: being into the Lord goes hand in hand with complete lack of style.

  6. Last one is probably the most normal Swedish “dansband” cover I have seen. Finding some (even) more ridiculous should be easy:

  7. That Brainstorm cover made me listen to them on youtube…

  8. Well now I know what to get my family for Christmas.
    I hate my family.

  9. bahahahahaha

  10. I saw some of Kate’s selfies, she’s getting a bit chunky.

  11. I am now more disturbed.

  12. Perhaps the most bizarre collection of album art I’ve ever seen. And what’s the thing with the ventriloquist dummies? That’s just weird. Very weird.

  13. drugs are bad, mmkay.

  14. Never have I seen a larger collection of dorks, geeks, nerds, spaz’s, dweebs, and putz’s,

  15. “Justin Bieber Revisits His Roots”

  16. LOL

  17. I knew Heino’s ,,Liebe Mutter” would be on here…

  18. Randy looks like he’s about to strangle Mrs. Wheeler.

  19. Living in the 60’s & 70’s went hand in hand with a complete lack of style.

  20. Ok, went to Youtube to see how many of these I could find… I was surprised at how many of these were actually on there. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while.

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