My Nose During Cold



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  1. Confusedyouwillbe February 27, 2018

    um… ok…. and?

  2. More like leftist(baron,empty) and Rightist(lush,beautiful)
    And this comment is going to acquire a lot of hate

  3. Where is rattus btw?

    • Rattus-there February 27, 2018

      O i’m still here and my comments are still here but you wont know its me neither will that annoying name thief/thieves !

    • Rattus's mOtHeR February 27, 2018

      I thought you went for a vacation

    • Rattus's father February 27, 2018

      @rattus mother
      where have you been honey, its been days
      remember what i always say

      Sundown you better take care
      If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs

    • I am none of the Ratti who responded – I am using another name entirely so that I may argue in peace without being swarmed by these intellectual noseeums.

    • @Tempname
      I guess most of us excluding the maniac will be able to know your comments

    • Don’t worry soon I’ll change my name back to trump sorry I mean rattus

    • Sorry I took a bit of time to respond I was just vaccuming my undies

    • XDXDXD vaccuming my undies I almost had a heart attack thanks a lot

  4. If your right nostril is congested, lie down on your left side, and eventually the right nostril will become unclogged.

  5. I hate the number seventeen so
    Here is the eighteenth comment

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