My Nose During Cold

18 thoughts on “My Nose During Cold”

  1. um… ok…. and?

  2. More like leftist(baron,empty) and Rightist(lush,beautiful)
    And this comment is going to acquire a lot of hate

  3. Where is rattus btw?

  4. O i’m still here and my comments are still here but you wont know its me neither will that annoying name thief/thieves !

  5. @Rattus-there
    I thought you went for a vacation

  6. @rattus mother
    where have you been honey, its been days
    remember what i always say

    Sundown you better take care
    If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs

  7. I am none of the Ratti who responded – I am using another name entirely so that I may argue in peace without being swarmed by these intellectual noseeums.

  8. If your right nostril is congested, lie down on your left side, and eventually the right nostril will become unclogged.

  9. @Tempname
    I guess most of us excluding the maniac will be able to know your comments

  10. Don’t worry soon I’ll change my name back to trump sorry I mean rattus

  11. Sorry I took a bit of time to respond I was just vaccuming my undies

  12. XDXDXD vaccuming my undies I almost had a heart attack thanks a lot

  13. Do you want hate?

  14. Yup

  15. Your right or…

  16. All rightists love hate.

  17. Baron and empty… lul

  18. I hate the number seventeen so
    Here is the eighteenth comment

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