No Way!

I'm really thinking of moving to Northern Europe...

6 thoughts on “No Way!”

  1. This is sofa king we Todd did

  2. … that one can overdose on them.
    Puns get boring after a while.
    We need some other content between all this pun postings.


  3. Webmaster : These are getting repetitive, boring and stupid. Can we please have some new content and not this rubbish? At the very least give us some more Trump stuff so we can laugh at him and his idiotic supporters.

  4. They delete any solid criticism of Biden, or China or the violence in London or the Islamic rape gangs etc.. but flood the site with anti Trump nonsense. I’m surprised their not pushing the false flag BLM/Antifa garbage.

  5. Anti – Trump. Oh you mean the truth

  6. Keep up the riots and the hate maybe they will even take the house. We are are going to lose. And the sad part is we deserve it. 2016 all over again. Bad candidate, no message. Divided party. We’re eating our own. Again.

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