Let’s Learn The Difference

10 thoughts on “Let’s Learn The Difference”

  1. Don’t forget the pugs, those fugly pugs

  2. But, still, all of them > cats.

  3. I beg to differ. Cats kick-ass on all of those bitches – AND cats do it without the barking bullsh*t that dogs deliver. Would you rather live next door to a cat owner or a dog owner?

  4. Agree!

  5. That’s a question very easy to answer: Next to a dog owner of course. Usually very friendly and sociable people.

  6. Indeed

  7. Yeah, especialy those with pitbulls, shaved heads and swastikas under their shirt. So sociable.

  8. Rat, Dat
    Rat, Rattus
    Now I know where they come from

  9. Wtf?

  10. I so hate those yapping bastards! And chihuahuas are not dogs, they’re rats!

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