Healthcare System In USA


Healthcare system in USA.


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  1. Swamp Thing June 7, 2019

    AKA Trumpcare

  2. FSMEX for retirment June 7, 2019

    I wish that the 7 year patent on drugs lasted forever. That way NHS and Canuk health care citizens would get the care they deserve.

    • National health care works June 8, 2019

      It lasts twenty years. And you profit from that too.

    • The struggling NHS is without a doubt a result of bad management. Because public healthcare work in other countries.
      It’s a typical british problem. It will collapse after brexit.

  3. Thanks Obama

    • Anonymous June 8, 2019

      You thank Obama for problems the Rebublicans caused?

    • California just approved to provide health care insurance to illegal immigrants. Paid for by increased taxes from legal residents. Thanks, Obama!!

    • You are conveniently ignoring that illegals also pay taxes.

  4. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    illegal street drugs are quite simple to come by. You can buy a scalpel on Amazon. This makes DIY surgeries and other medical procedures quite the rage. Who need doctors or insurance?

  5. Torontosucks June 11, 2019

    Americans are so funny. You only think your healthcare sucks because you haven’t tried everyone else’s. Try the Canadian system. Go ahead. It makes the NHS look efficient, it is bankrupting the provinces, and the quality of care is second to almost anyone. It is actually illegal in Canada to have non government insurance. For profit clinics are illegal. Doctors are capped at how much they are allowed to make, and there is rationing of service based on your productivity left to society. Canadian regularly go to the US to get procedures that are not available over here. The US system has flaws, more since Obamacare really, but yes major flaws. And I would take their system 19 days out of 7 over the peoples republic of canuckistan.

    • That.

      “…There is rationing of service based on your productivity left to society.” And here I thought that Star Trek Voyager season 7 episode 5, “Critical Care”, was fiction. If you have not seen it, find it somewhere and watch it, then find and read George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm”.

    • The republican system: rationing of service based on your savings left.

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