Horrifying Gallery of Celebrities Without Eyebrows

12 thoughts on “Horrifying Gallery of Celebrities Without Eyebrows”

  1. I find the second Picture of Sarah Jessica PArker Scary.. amazing what eyebrows does to a horse..

  2. This never gets old…..

  3. ok, C.Slater looks almost alien.
    what a fraeky looking man…

  4. Who the hell is Russel Brand?

  5. Shovel face

  6. Hey! I have no eyebrows and I look fine – trust me. Eyebrows are greatly over glamorized. They serve no biological purpose.

  7. Klingons…

  8. Left off Bob Geldof as Pink Floyd. Wouldn’t even need photoshop.

  9. Christopher Walken looks pretty much the same.

  10. After loooking at all those… now look at Woopie Goldberg. She’s always been lovely and never had eyebrows to begin witg.

  11. They keep dust and water out of your eyes.

  12. Where is the Terminator?

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