No Child Left Behind


9 thoughts on “No Child Left Behind”

  1. Does that volcano represent the pit of debt US college students sink into?

  2. Volcanoes eat vegetables?

  3. In Europe and Oz they don’t pay their professors, and universities build themselves.

  4. They do, but not the hardest part

  5. In Europe most of it is payed by the taxpayer. New concept for US-citizens who only care for themselves. We know.
    Tht’s the funny thing about the US. They tell everyone what a great community they are. But they are too greedy and selvish to pay taxes for the common good and sleep with a gun under their pillow cause they fear their neighbor.

  6. Because “I’ll pay my bills, you pay yours” is so greedy and unfair. Forcing others to pay is much more equitable.

  7. Is Aranaktu an Island off Detroit or Russia?

  8. This is very horrifying to me

  9. Dump all the little bitches in the volcano.

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