Ninja Cats that Have Mastered the Ancient Art of Ninjutsu

11 thoughts on “Ninja Cats that Have Mastered the Ancient Art of Ninjutsu”

  1. aawwww man you got me again.

  2. The one in front of the TV is clearly the best . . .

  3. Awesome !!!

  4. *jumps off of bridge*

  5. I have been staring at that pic for 10 min looking for the damn cat.

  6. Look inside the cabinet for the gray kitty …um… I think???

  7. My Brothers and Sisters. Way To Go!

  8. What cats?

  9. these cats are so funny, this is the 2nd best thing ever! The first are Potatoes.

  10. I still don’t see it

  11. It’s a large black cat sitting directly in front of the TV. Just to the left of center, to the right of the book.

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