Welcome To “Plastic Surgery Addicts Anonymous”!

As of our last knowledge update in November 2023, there is no specific organization called “Plastic Surgery Addicts Anonymous” that is widely recognized. But if there was one, their meetings would probably go something like this.

Welcome to "Plastic Surgery Addicts Anonymous". I'm seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week, and I have to say, I'm disappointed.

25 thoughts on “Welcome To “Plastic Surgery Addicts Anonymous”!”

  1. Well it wouldn’t be anonymous if you knew my face!!!!

  2. That is not a clef chin you see on Trump, it is his belly button due to all
    the face lifts he’s had.

  3. Trump isn’t lifted. He’s one big crinkle.

  4. Boring rightard rants.

  5. Stupid bastards.

  6. What do you get when you mix a liberal with a bull?……bullshit! How do you get a conservative to believe the truth?…..lie to them!

  7. Conservatives will believe anything. True.

  8. FJB(D) is having cognitive and health problems, who will the next chief executive of the USSA? Gruesome(D) or Big Mike(D)?

  9. (B)oring.

  10. Botswana is out of control! Let’s ignore our own countries and make multiple post’s about their politics because..

  11. US is still a shithole.

  12. @anon#6: perhaps the USSA is a s hole but our illegal colonizers are from cultural origins of Spain and Portugal not the Lavant so or decent into savagery while be slower then the Eurotards so that’s a positive.

  13. What? That wasn’t englisch.

  14. I have decided to dedicate my life to humanity. My first dedication is
    having only one political party in the good old U.S.A. with one leader.
    No silly courts to hold up my, I mean your decisions. Good old American
    English being the only language.
    More to come, hang in there!!

  15. Humanity sucks, you’re wasting your life even bothering with them.

  16. I’m actively destroying the planet. So your all your kids will suffer after I’m gone.

  17. But.. what about Botswana! Have you no humanity. They might hold an entire election without constant outside criticism and advise. How can we not interfere in their elections like we do here for the US? We must hold protest rallies in the streets to ensure OUR voices are heard even though their elections don’t effect us. Isn’t that what we do here? Election interference? Come on, it’s our job.

  18. No one is going to vote for Genocide Joe now.

  19. I wish your elections don’t effect us. Sadly they do.

  20. True. And those morons wonder why we care. Having their noses in everyones’ business and wonder why everyone cares.
    If you vote a shitty president like Trump you get the mayor dump. But everyone else gets sprayed at least.

  21. See! Argentina just elected a new president that IS NOT a socialist Marxist. This is your fault! You didn’t get involved. Biden can’t be President again because he’s corrupt and senile. Trump will win in a landslide unless you all pull together and trash him in the comments section. It’s our only hope. Because we’re such a shit#y country that other countries elections effect us. Can you imagine being that shit#y of a country 😖. Now get out there and bash Trump like a true Marxist!

  22. Argentina will need at least a decade to get out of the debt that clown will build up for the country. Trump – debt, Bolsonaro – debt, Johnson – debt and Brexit. 🤪 Except for the one percent. They thrive under such condition. They own you and suck your financial veins dry.

  23. Bidenomics is working! He’s not senile or corrupt! He’s in complete charge of the Free World! He just acts dumb and shuffle’s around on purpose to make Trump mad. Genocide Joe is a myth. Obama killed more babies then Joe.

  24. But he did it himelf presonally, so the bodies were still fresh when he ate them. The only person the other guy killed himself was his chef.

  25. This is true. Surprised it’s still up what with the censorship that goes on here.

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