European Men: Then vs. Now


European men: then vs. now.


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  1. Yeah, things were so great back then! The people that post stuff like this would have really prospered back then!

  2. The people who post stuff like this can read, write and probably do math. So, yes, they most likely would prosper with those skills back then.

    • You can write something scathing about the dude that just plundered your monastery!

  3. Ironically I look quite like the gentleman on the left. Sorry.

  4. The Real Anon April 22, 2019

    The pink crocs really complete the pansy on the right.
    I miss the days when men were men.

    • Yeah, when the boys used to shoot their heads off in North Africa and Normandy.

  5. Are you sure that’s a man?

  6. Troubleman April 23, 2019

    European men, always wearing skirts and strappy shoes.

  7. There is an expression in South Texas, “De Colores.” It takes all kinds.

  8. In the middleages only the utmost upper class could afford full body chain-mails. Such a chain-mail is made of 25,000-40,000 small iron rings, it would be very time consuming to smelt, weld and fit them together for a simple village smith. Keep in mind in many parts of Europe iron was a scarce and thus expensive material, many places relied on bog-iron. The average Joe with 2 cows, 4 pigs, 5 chickens, a wife and 12 kids couldn’t afford such a luxury and thus was clad in sackcloth both in daily life and in combat.

    • Stop boring rightards with historic facts.

    • Not to mention only the higher classes (including the crossover of higher classes and religious class) would likely have been able to read and write. When did literacy finally trickle down to the masses? Only after Gutenberg? Not my area of study.

      I’m guessing if someone had held up such a sign few locals would have been able to understand the thing.

    • Mensplaining April 25, 2019

      The non binary transgender whatever person welcoming refugees does not look poor either.

    • it might be more successfull in its job than haha.

    • Populist Hunter April 25, 2019

      And he is said to be super rich and working person of the century. By himself…

  9. That’s not true! I like to wear matching stilettos to my mini skirts. >:(

  10. Alfred E. Neuman August 20, 2019

    Which man is more courageous? The heavily armoured wealthy man killing while following societal norms; or the unarmed and deliberately vulnerable man who takes the risk of violence and ostracism.

    • Thomas Paine August 20, 2019

      And the man on the right is taking a risk to protect the weak while the man on the left is more likely fighting to steal and rape from the weak.

  11. And that is why Europe is full of Democracy. Something that liberals hate.

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