Amazing Little-Known Animal Facts

Illustrator Z. Gosck has created an educating gallery of exciting and interesting facts about the amazing world of nature. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Little-Known Animal Facts”

  1. I knew there’s a reason I hate owls!

  2. Poor owls. This post is CNNing them.

  3. Cockroaches can only survive a week without a head? Amateurs.
    But Mike the Headless Chicken didn’t die: He faked his own death, and after lots of botched plastic surgery and an identity change he is now POTUS. This shows how far you can go with money, luck, and a little bit of your brainstem intact.

  4. So much effort, so little effect.

  5. You hate them because they hunt down rats.

  6. My Emu doesn’t have wooly legs. Proof that the the Llama theory is incorrect. It’s sheep with an Emu Puppet head ya dumb shite!

  7. Kiwi nostrils are at the wrong end of its beak :(

  8. Those are pants, halfwit.

  9. Another victim of TDS

  10. Sheep don’t need to wear pants ya prude

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