Why Is My Sister Named Paris?

You're welcome, son.

8 thoughts on “Why Is My Sister Named Paris?”

  1. Hahaha, I bet they did this on purpose.

  2. Dad, why is my sister named Paris?

    Because your mom is an insufferable KAREN whose favorite place to waste your college tuition is the Paris Las Vegas Red Light District and Casino.

    Thanks Dad.

    You’re welcome Bunny Ranch Meth Marathon Jr.

  3. Not logical.
    Shouldn’t his sister be named “Broomcloset” or “Backseat” then?

  4. Guys calling women Karen lack an inch of pen/s. Says a man.

  5. She wasn’t writing a joke about the sister. Girls lack the emotional continence to be the subject of humor.

  6. Joke?
    You call these lame memes “jokes”?
    Good for you I suppose…

  7. Hunter Biden wrote this about his new kid. Joes new grand baby. Crack babies smell best Joe says.

  8. As if you incels know a bit about women.

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