15 thoughts on “My Guns!!!”

  1. Works every time.

  2. Forgot to mention the elephant took away taxes too, keeping us with more of our own money.
    But libs are afraid to work and take care of themselves, so they are really afraid of less welfare :D
    Zelda has nightmares with her having to work to pay for her own health care.

  3. Trump fanboy rant in 3, 2, 1,…

  4. Moron. He gives you one Dollar, takes five and steals 10 without you noticing.

  5. Better I keep my money and I provide for myself. Defund The State.

  6. Their gonna push your gramma off the cliff too, you idjit! Chuck Schumer is dumber than Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Washerwoman Schultz put together.

  7. @Dat I know welfare gives an $1 value service, costing $5 in taxes + wasting $10 in corruption and inefficiency. That’s why we don’t want welfare, we want our taxes dollars so we take care of ourselves.
    Libs think we need somebody else to babysit us, but we don’t.

  8. The elephant mainly took away takes for himself; his ‘gift’ to the rest of the country is an increasing national deficit.

  9. the bags are full of money.

  10. exactly.

  11. How Dare you! Donald Tump chang…. Nah! forget it

  12. Haha, look at the level of uncontrolled debt run up by democrats in their major states and cities. Illinois bonds are nearly rated as junk.

  13. But not everyone gets Dollars to care for themselves. And its not even their fault. (Even if some call them lazy or tell us it’s puritan punishment by God) That’s the problem with your concept. It gets people killed. And selfcentered Americans don’t even care. Egoistic States of America. There can not be a social system in the US because there is no “social” in you. You are still the decendants of deported criminals and lunatics. It’s in your genes.

  14. The federal debt per person exceeds that of Illinois…

  15. Step back from the keyboard, have some coffee and sober up then get back to us.

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