It’s That Time

20 thoughts on “It’s That Time”

  1. Larry Holmes was a better heavyweight fighter.

  2. Some of us were lifelong fans of The Greatest…. We were also around being fans while he was being great, and some of us can remember him all the way back to the 1960 Olympics and when he boxed as Cassius Clay…..

  3. Most of the people who claim to be that were not even around when he was boxing….Growing up in my era, boxing was an event. No mma,no ufc, no thousands of cable channels, no internet, no cel phones, no pc’s or laptops, no ppv (the horror of none of it). People would have boxing parties at their houses that would be bigger than the super bowl parties of today. One I remember and pretty sure it was the Thrilla in Manilla. I was 18. The guy had 4 19″ tv’s set up in different rooms, kegs of beer, and at least 75 people there. That was boxing then. We all knew Ali was good but some people had issues with his style and bravado. His NOI, Black Panther, “draft dodger”, conversion to Islam etc riled a lot of people. I will never see anyone like him again in any sport and I am sure my kids won’t either. In the end, he was one hell of a boxer, one hell of a humanitarian, one hell of a showman and he will be missed.

  4. He was a great Amerikan. 72 raisens await. Tears.

  5. But I am…. I have an autograph from when I got to meet him as a child and also have a vintage ADIDAS Ali shirt…..better hit eBay on the short though now so I can sell it to one of those “Life long fans”….

  6. You are a fool, a boxing no-nothing, a boneheaded dribble mouth. If both Holmes & Ali were in their prime, Ali would win 10 times out of 10. Holmes jab, though very impressive, would not save him.

  7. Me and Joe Bob never knowed the man, but we did enjoy watching him fight. Mebbe if y’all will wait a few days for him to be in the ground before ya go slamming him.

  8. No need to act, most people really did admire the guy.

  9. Whoever made this picture… bad taste, dude. And way too soon to be using this man’s death, boxer or not, as a platform for attack. You obviously have nothing to do.

  10. He lived near my parents house for years. I never got to meet him but my dad did. He said he was a really nice guy. RIP and this picture is in bad taste.

  11. I agree.

  12. Ali would be whimpering “no mas, no mas”.

  13. Ali > Cats

  14. John Holmes was a better lover.

  15. And Mike Tyson ended L.Holmes quite well in 1988. ;)

  16. “Time for everyone to act like they were lifelong fans”
    …well, except for a few precious snowflakes who think it’s another golden opportunity to be a complete ******* about something.

  17. This too will pass. Just like those who went wild over the passing of Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, etc., where are those mourners now? People don’t give a damn when these people were alive, but acted all sorry when they died. Why do people do this?

  18. And gap toothed rookie Leon Spinks beat Ali. Ali’s record 56-5, Holmes record 69-6.

  19. Sorry, still not a fan, but still have respect for his accomplishments, in and out of the ring.

  20. Well, right now I am at my early thirties but i didn’t Hear a lot of this Guy Muhammad ali, yet i knew his actual name was Cassius Clay. Not very sure about it ,but i just heard about it when i knew about his death; anywaysI guess he was a great boxing fighter!!!

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