Obama, Merkel, and Putin Reimagined as Movie Stars


10 thoughts on “Obama, Merkel, and Putin Reimagined as Movie Stars”

  1. Reimagined as bad Photoshop.

  2. Well, that is about as funny as a gunshot wound…

  3. OMG I love gunshot wounds!!!

  4. What a fantastic advertisement for gunshot wounds.

  5. Where are the funny ones?

  6. Awesome! lol xD

  7. In the head.

  8. was the untitled one with Sharon Stone? can’t remember the name of it

  9. They’d all be a flop…….just like his Presidency.

  10. Yeah guy – Obama’s Presidency was a flop – you drank the Kool-Aid bro – go hump Donald’s leg and maybe some hillbilly racist will give you a reward – like a donation email that you will naively give money too – because MAGA people are dumb – this is the only fact in politics – MAGA voters are mentally deficient.

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