21 thoughts on “Mother Earth…”

  1. I’m going outside to burn some tires.

  2. And then you shoot yourself in your own knee with your gun, just for good measures. So clever.

  3. And any anteaters I come across are getting squished by a Pitbull Growler XOR on my diesel F-250.

  4. sauce?

  5. this comic is so effing stupid

  6. I’m with anteater this time :D

  7. Yes. Its you. I recognized you above.

  8. Great job!

  9. No sauce, just ketchup.

  10. You don’t seem to be one of the brighter specimen of mankind. Never mind, your children and/or grandchildren will surely thank you for your cleverness.

  11. The Gaia channel on Amazon prime has nambi pambi queer earther yoga crap so I subscribed to Shudder instead because I like space aliens eating bad teenager. That never gets old.

  12. My had my F150 converted to burn emulsified clubbed baby seals so as to be carbon neutral.

  13. Nuke the whales!

  14. Well, I have enslaved a number of guys called Bob, made them think this is independence and now they pull my convertible through the streets of my town. Yeah, it isn’t suitable for long distance trips, but you bet I get a lot of attention with my carriage and four. The Bobs always find something to eat in the dustbin, too. This is so fuel saving and carbon neutral. A lot of food that is getting thrown away isn’t wasted anymore, too.

  15. That sure will help. Or not.

  16. You didn’t learn nothing from this, did you, Flossy?

  17. Yeah, nature is stupid. Can’t see our superiority.

  18. nice pics

  19. That is why the great lakes have so few whales left. Such a shame.

  20. Awesome, thank you!

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