Moses: Worst Navigator Ever



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  1. and if you think about it:
    the stretch from Cairo to the Red Sea was the portion of the journey they did until the Egyptians found out they had left and entered pursuit, on horses. Did it take them years to notice htey are gone?
    It’s a legend, the Israel people led a nomad life until they decided to settle down. The bible probably does not report on all cities that they failed to take over, or hosted them.

    • Truthhunter April 13, 2017

      99% of the bible is fiction from different authors. There is no logic in those things.

    • Maybe they pulled a Jedi mind trick on the Egyptians.
      “Hey pharaoh, where are all your slaves?”
      “They told me they going to go play some basketball and brb.”
      “lol, newb”

    • The Bible also claims that some folk got really, really old, a few hundred years and things like that. Lets assume that what they call years is what we call months today. Makes a lot more sense that way.

    • Not even close to the actual story.

  2. What a stupid post.

  3. That was a long time ago. He probably only had a flip phone and no data plan.

  4. They call me the wanderer April 14, 2017

    No roads, no maps, no compass. You morons couldn’t make it to work without a GPS.

  5. They actually wandered the deserts, but wherever they settled there was some weird smell. So they moved on and travelled on untill they finally found one palce where it did not smell funny. So their promised land is the only one without oil deposits :)
    Also, seriously: They wandered for 40 years, so that the whole generation that knew slavery would die out. The promised land could be pretty much wherever, it was more about “when” – when they finally decided to settle down permanently and stop running.

  6. Know it all prick August 12, 2017

    I think he did it on purpose, so all the people used to living like slaves would die, so only their children, the new generation would settle to create their nation.

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