Guten Morgen, Mein Führer

15 thoughts on “Guten Morgen, Mein Führer”

  1. All National Socialist Workers Party artwork, movies, books, must be burned and destroyed, people that played parts in this hate must be put on a list. Hate has no place here

  2. Hahaha! I love it!

  3. The hair – Freeman wore it better

  4. You are no socialist, you are an idiot. Even socialists have museums.

  5. Some people have no grasp on sarcasm, do they?

  6. Love it

  7. If so it was poor delivered sarcasm.

  8. Dat must report to Humor re-Education Camp 12493 immediately.
    – The People’s Office of Corrected Culture and History

  9. Bravo, even 50 years later, “Springtime for H&G” is still funny for Mel’s audacity. Right up there with “The sheriff is a N…”.

  10. I like Gordon Freeman better. Fercrissakes, Hitler was so 80 years ago. Complain about Mao – at least he is a bit more contemporary and killed lots more people.

  11. I imagine Trump opens them soon for American comedians.

  12. I wonder who killed the most? Hitler, Stalin or Mao?

  13. What is “Gevalt”, Kauf Buch? It is definitely not a German word and I don’t find it in any English dictionary, not even on the Urban Dictionary.

  14. Dat, that is difficult so say. Mao is often attributed with something around 78 million, over the course of 31 year. Stalin, also in charge for 31 years, has allegedly killed (or have killed) 23 Million. Hitler though, with only 12 years in charge, may have caused up to 80 million casualties directly or indirectly. And I don’t think that anyone killed people in industrially organized camps like Hitler had his followers do it.

    Non of them seems to have been a humane, nice person at all, that is for sure.

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