Science Flies Us to the Moon



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  1. Atheist Freedom Fighter June 18, 2017

    It’s true. No more to say.

    • The trunkmonkey June 19, 2017

      Atheists are believers as well.

    • Actually, atheists are knowers.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter June 19, 2017

      Atheism is no religion and no believe. Not being something isn’t being something. At least not in this universe.
      Anyway, the pope said if you were a nice person you can get in heaven despite being an atheist. Yay for failsafe.

    • The trunkmonkey June 20, 2017

      To actually ‘know’ something would require you to have all knowledge, something that to me seems impossible.
      Atheists believe there is no god. Theists believe there is/are (a) god(s).
      Agnosts believe there is no way of knowing.
      We are all believers, but the latter group makes more sense than the other two.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter June 20, 2017

      False. Atheists know there is no god. No need for superstition or believes.

    • The trunkmonkey June 21, 2017

      Ack. Paradox.
      If atheists know there is no god, that would make them gods themselves.

  2. Kauf Buch June 18, 2017

    Just one.
    And, it’s not a “religion,” per se,
    but rather a totalitarian system controlling
    economic, social, legal, and spiritual (among many other) aspects of daily life.
    Some call it PI$$LAM.

    • @Kauf: Some call it corporatist Republican fascism.

    • Don’t say that :(
      Or leftists will come here to tell a thousand years ago another religion behaved badly too, so we can’t complain about the followers of the pedophile prophet today.

    • Last time I’ve checked George W. Bush, from God’s own country, you may or may not know him, started a crusade. Hey, not my words, his!

    • @Hein: Oh you just fended them off now, aren’t you? You clever bigot you!

  3. No sharia June 18, 2017

    Just the religion of submission flies into buildings.

    • One religion did so once. Another religion bombs everything into rubble around the globe for quite a while now, dropping bombs from their planes and the reuse them (the planes.).
      I think they both do wrong!

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter June 19, 2017

      I know a specific religion that burned people to death for telling scientific facts.

  4. @Zelda: I have not heard of Republican fascists who hijack planes and fly them into buildings. Please fill me in on these Republican terrorists.

  5. Lazier Than Thou June 19, 2017

    I’ve been religious pretty much my whole life. So far, I’ve not flown into a single building.
    Just me?

    • Yep. I haven’t been religious pretty much my whole life and haven’t either. Generally speaking, most people, including followers of various religions (including Islam) haven’t flown into a single building and never will.

  6. I thought super rich people with a global domination agenda fly things into buildings.

  7. Every Atheist will die with no Khufu boat and will have no ticket to ride with others.

  8. Many scientists are religious, believing in a universe creating God. Atheistic or hard agnostic scientists are no more moral or smart than these men and women.

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