How Would You Answer This Question?

If you could choose between world peace and bill gates' money, what color would your Lamborghini be?

11 thoughts on “How Would You Answer This Question?”

  1. World peace. That implies that everyone is satisfied and has enough hence you don’t need all his money. Do you ever notice what kind of people the uber rich have become? Do you really want to be like that?
    Disclaimer I get the joke and enjoyed it :)

  2. A Lamborghini 180 t4i should be greyish white.

  3. why choose when you could have one of each color

  4. I would chose world peace (I imagine it would be absolute magical inability for interstate conflicts), BUT – I would like to know exact moment it happens.
    With this knowledge I could build structures, like investment funds and companies, that would use this newfound extreme peace and earn 100x B.Gates ever had.
    Current global companies are all twitchy and unsure exactly because major events could ruin theri investment.
    If you are in power to declare global peace – wham, you can grab ALL markets in ex-dangerous zones and become extremely rich.

  5. Impressive! That’s is the most selfish, corrupt, and narcissistic argument for world piece I have ever read. I salute you.

  6. I don’t think I could ever fit into a Lamborghini.
    If I had that kind of money I’d probably also try to make the world better by supporting third world development.
    What is being done now is sorta bad.
    They educate people to western standards and boop they leave immediately because they recognize the places are so far behind they can do better elsewhere.
    What needs to happen is that a ground up development is fostered.
    Start with simple things like reading and writing for everyone.
    They don’t need 10.000 engineers, doctors and scientists that leave to first world countries.
    They need people that can read, write and do simple math so they can somehow grow something that also fits their culture and comes from themselves.

  7. World peace! Because the achievements and radical transformation of society and values to get there would make money largely irrelevant.

  8. Bezos. Not Gates. Gates is history.

  9. Gunmetal Grey, like the one I have currently (yeah, not a current one, the old Uracco)

  10. blue, with white pinstripes.

  11. It would be a Ferrari, and red of course.

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