Behold: Hipster Nativity Scene


If you agree that Christmas traditions are getting too old-fashioned, it might be time to update them. That’s exactly the reason why company Gorilla Goodies decided to make a Hipster Nativity Set (also available on Amazon). The set itself is fun, but what really makes it special is the details: there’s the solar powered stable, Starbucks coffee cup, three wise men are using Segways and delivering presents in Amazon boxes, there’s a cow labeled 100% organic who’s eating gluten-free feed… Scroll down to see these and other funny little details for yourself!

Hipster nativity scene.

Hipster parent to baby Jesus.

Funny hipster nativity set.

Wise men bringing gifts.

Wise men bringing Amazon gifts.

Gluten-free feed.

100% organic beef.

Tyical hipster.

Hipster with his livestock.


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  1. Hipster Jesus can turn water into craft beer!

  2. Wow, Hipster Jesus will truly become holier than thou…

  3. How old is this? 2 or 3 years?

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