Illustrations of Modern World by Steve Cutts

British artist Steve Cutts is not a huge fan of the reality we live in…

11 thoughts on “Illustrations of Modern World by Steve Cutts”

  1. Me and Joe Bob might take offense to some of them pithers if we could figure out what the guy is trying to say. Somethin’ about money and cell phones, right?

  2. So, I am no normal human anymore. I can’t identify with those pictures.

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw this post before… I don’t remember it, though, so this was nice.

  4. simply amazing!

  5. She’s not really fat, she’s just drawn that way…

  6. sad but true for many

  7. Well I saw it on this website called funny junk, but it probably came from here

  8. Pic no. 8 may be illustrarion of Trump’s

  9. phony anticomformism

  10. this guy draws good, but he’s so looser inside

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