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  1. Next, you vote for her.

  2. Baron Von Trolip Mohammad June 26, 2018

    I thought memes were outlawed in the EU? Landord, please turn yourself in to the Brussels InterWeb Polize.

  3. McViticus June 26, 2018

    Don’t get it

    • BongHits4Jesus June 26, 2018

      As far as I understand it, this meme is making reference to the all those geniuses “educated” by Infowars, Breitbart, etc. Essential oils, vitamin pills and fake viagra seem to be how they make their money.

  4. Paul Frazer June 26, 2018

    In the EU you can be arrested for a Facebook post. You can’t carry a pocket knife, rape is up 20% in London alone and now memes are illegal. MEMEs! Seriously, do you guys even have balls?

    • What you are really saying: in the EU you can be arrested for contempt of court. Weapons solely intended to harm people are illegal. Decades of a zero-tolerance policy in New York have made its crime rates finally comparable to that of London after a rapid rise following the reduction of the London police force.

    • The last that I checked, a pocket knife is not a weapon “solely intended to harm people”. I have carried one for almost 50 years and have yet to hurt anyone with it.

    • Swiss army knifes are typically no problem, but bigger pocket knifes are likely to raise an eyebrow if you are caught carrying one.

  5. Paul Frazer June 27, 2018

    No, what I’m saying is that the EU has removed your freedom of speech. And you let them. What I’m saying is that 3rd world refruges are flooding the EU and destroying people’s cultures. And you let them. Those are facts. Everyone knows it’s true. That’s why Brixit is now a law. The State of New York has approximately 19 million people. The United States has around 328 million people. NOONE here thinks New York is anything but a shithole. Except the people who live there. And people who haven’t spent much time in the US.

    • Erm, no. Freedom of speech has not been removed in the EU. Who makes you think that?

      Many refugees are fleeing wars in regions the USA have destabilized for years. Thanks for that, USA.

      Our cultures are doing fine overall. AND: at least we have culture!

      What is ‘Brixit’?

      And, yes, in most parts of the EU we don’t allow every nutcase to carry a gun.

    • I live in the EU, and i can confirm that we also have a zombie-plague of people like anteater who is denying everything happening around them, and attack the ones who are pointing out the problems. They are exactly like your college-liberals = mindless drones who can only repeat some BS their college professors told them, like “all refugees are because of US politics” and if you ask them what the middle east would look like without US intervention, or why there’s also a huge amount of refugees from african countries where the US have never been, their “argument” is to scream NAZI at you.. Just ignore them, they are mentally ill people.

    • The Good German June 27, 2018

      Nothing is happening. We can manage all those refugees without ending up in chaos while the US collapses due to some Mexicans crossing the borders. Refugee numbers have fallen constantly to a much lower level despite what some populist opportunist might tell you.
      I can carry a pocket knife whenever and whereever I want, except it’s forbidden by the owner of a building or property. Like a school can forbid it, or a private business in their facility, or a museum, for example. Only knifes intended to harm or kill a human are banned as no sane person would need such a thing. Remember the astronomic violence and murder rates in the US in worldwide comparisson.
      Rape rate in London did raise. But not by refugees or other foreigners. Ususally the victim knows the offender. Like in all statistics. Yet police doesn’t understand what’s suddenly wrong with the Londoners. Still rape rate is 100 times higher in the US than in the UK.
      If you molest or insult someone on Facebook there will be consequences. It’s a right thing and has nothing to do with free speech. Free speech was not intended to freely tell lies (fake facts) and insult or smear other people.
      Memes are not forbidden. There is just confusion due to the new law as memes count as art and are excluded from copyright restrictions. But the law demands providers to check every picture for copyright violations. Automatic filter might filter out legal memes by accident. It’s a flaw, not censorship.
      We have more balls than you. Because we play real football without distorted balls.
      Paul Frazer is a lier.

    • Now, now, McDaddy, actual facts from someone who can observe and actually think for themselves have no place in this type of discussion.

    • Says the guy who outsourced his brain to Breitbart.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, Dat, but I have never, nor ever plan to, go to the Brietbart website. I prefer getting my news from an actual news organization, like Reuters. I’m sure you don’t care much for them, however, as they do not slant their news to the left.

    • I feel you are not telling the truth. And feelings obviously count more these days than facts.

    • @Goodgerman: All, like ALL, assault rapes in norway a was commited by rapefugees a while back:

      The numbers are still extremy high today in all of europe, (including germany) and the description of the majority of rapists haven’t changed a bit.

      The reason you don’t see censorship of memes and other copyrighted material on the internet yet, is that the law called article 13 (search “EU article 13” on youtube) hasn’t been implemented yet, they just recently voted for it last week. Trust me, you will know when it’s put in effect, eatliver is probably going to be a blank page just to take an example.

      Oh, and PS: Both merkel and her guests are lying to you:

      You can deny it, or learn it the hard way when the “refugees” show you who they really are. Just read that last article, then try to tell yourself “wir schaffen das”..

    • German Machine Gun July 2, 2018

      Citing the “Bild Zeitung” immediatly disqualified you. That Newspaper is rubbish and has been found guilty to fake sensational stories several times in the past. It’s very popular with people of low education. It’s no reliable source.

  6. As you can read in my previous reply, your “facts” are simply incorrect. Brexit is the result of the English feeling that they are loosing control over their country due to EU regulations — they will soon discover that all they gained is their loss to vote over EU regulations. And thanks for insulting the state I used to live in, redneck.

    • The Good German June 27, 2018

      I still hope the British will come to their senses and call this nonsense off. No one wants them to leave. But they will have to learn that there are not always special treats for them. The empire is no more. They were betrayed by populist liers who now deny all responsibility. A Brexit won’t do Britain good. In any version or way. I like the country and it’s very sad to see it ride to ruin these days.

  7. I once heard, that stupidity is a blessing. Do you feel blessed?

    • i even go a little further. USA citizens always say: God bless America. Well, God did a great job in most of North America.

    • Combining your two posts: I sincerely agree with you that God blessed the USA very much :-)

    • He blessed very hard and determined.

  8. Aaiieee!!!!!!! June 27, 2018

    Your privacy policy says you provide our personal info to these
    connected third parties:

    Google Analytics;
    Google Adsense;
    All other sorts of bad stuff. Doomed, we’re all doomed!

    • Trump will save you. Or Putin. Or Erdogan. Or Kim. Or *insert autocrat ruler here*.

  9. Paul Frazer June 27, 2018

    Yes it’s true. They just pretend that women and children aren’t being raped. That people aren’t being stabbed and run over or blown up and no one is throwing acid in people’s faces. They will even pretend they have freedom of speech when they provably do not. They defend it, lie about it because they are for the destruction of Western Civilization. They are globalist, socialist or Islamist. Oh I’m sorry “Asians”, that’s who shitting in the streets and terrorizing the female populations. Those darn Asians. Hahahaha. Zombies is accurate as well. You can’t make this stuff up. That level of stupid is just dangerous.

    • Troll factor: a full 10
      You must be a very ugly person. Inside.

    • Well, nice way to dizz Asians without any kind of proof. First: It’s mostly Africans, but even some European sickos. Second: Going to school in the US must be a nice experience, you should try it. But don’t forget your vest. I heard taking part on some running events or working in high towers was fun, too. Well, “place country here” has it’s dark marks in history. By the way…Europe is not a combination of UK, Germany and France fyi. There are other countries, too.
      Third: We will see, where the future will be better. In Europe or in North America, which by the way has only South Korea and Isreal as their last real friends, thanks to your great president ;)

  10. Paul Frazer June 28, 2018

    We will see. But don’t worry your pretty little head about America. We’re going to be just fine. We didn’t let our Government disarm and deball us. The other members of the EU want out as well. Mostly due to the madness of your immigration policy of forcing violent Muslims down their throats. The EU will collapse and you’ll spend the next few decades fighting Islam in your own countries and begging for the only superpower in the world to help you. And we will, as we always have. You people don’t have to pay for a military, not a good one anyway. And it’s not something your good at. The American tax payer keeps you safe by funding the US military. Even Obama holds the record for most children killed by a Noble Peace Prize Winner. Drone strikes etc… maybe we have to been violent because everyone like you are just such pussies and in the real world SOMEONE has to do the heavy lifting. It’s certainly not going to be Europe, or whatever you’ve allowed it to become. So remember, if America falls we take everyone with us. And that might be a good day. Most of us are tired of protecting cowards that won’t protect themselves.

    • You are hilarious, in a sad way, but still hilarious. Ur president will doom your country and all you see is: We have the greatest military.
      You should check out the financial situation your country is in. And as far as I know it is the fault of the US, that the Islamic groups are fighting against goverments. The weapons on both sides were sold by US goverment partners and employees. And all this bullshit for money. So thanks for THIS help…I mistyped…mess! The US wants to be the internatiomnal police, but actually they do nothing good at all. They kill and rape innocent people, steal ressources, build a McDo and leave everyting in chaos. Great country my ass.
      By the way: Chinas military is bigger than the US, combined with Russia it is even twice as big as the US. Combined with the weapon systems from Europe the US looks like a Kindergarden.

      And your weapon laws suck. You give out weapons to children so they kill their classmates and teachers. Great work.
      FYI you can obtain a gun in Europe, if you get an weapon owner id card. For that you have to pass a psychological test. So it is even better here, because not every dumbass gets a gun.

    • Presumed Trump voter rampaging with his freedom guns in Annapolis newspaper office because of imaginary fake news. Trumps defends shooter as mislead by leftist media, blaims victims for their fate.

    • Another idiot that thinks “Muslims are violent”. I’m an average white guy, born in Illinois. The biggest threat to American white people, are American White people. Let the Muslims and Mexicans in. Ban all white guys from entering the U.S. The Mexicans and Muslims correctly know what the First Amendment means, the average white guy has no clue.

  11. Paul Frazer June 28, 2018

    Americans don’t want to use our military to fight others peoples fights. We just want to be left alone. The UN, which we pay for, always comes crying to us. If we had our way we would pull out of other countries and stop ALL financial aid. To everyone. Let the haters like yourself stand and fight. But you know you can’t or won’t. I know the financial situation of my country. Highest standard of living in the world. Europe hasn’t even perfected plumbing. It’s why your an under bathed country. And don’t even talk about dental. We’ve all seen the big book of British smiles. Look just enjoy your new country and get comfortable with child brides, rape, clit sniping and all the wonders of middle eastern culture. I wish you luck. Don’t be such a sore loser. All empires die, or in your case are over run with low IQ Muslims and Africans. But America will be here to help you clean it up, as we always do. Just ask. Everyone else does.

    • Paul, FYI: the national debt and deficit of the USA are way too high to qualify for membership of the eurozone. Life expectation in the USA is less than all of western Europe, as essentially everybody there has health insurance. Are you being paid by Trump or Putin to talk nonsense? Or is it Budweiser’s syndrome making you showcase your ignorance?

    • Hahaha, BS again. US doesn’t leave others alone. That’s your problem. You can’t do it. Because the American way of life in your imagination is superior to other lifestyles and the US are God’s chosen country – after you killed the locals. Also you don’t like to pay for resources. So you steal it. We also didn’t forget you spying on your friends. You also steal technology. You have to pay the same as others in scale to the UN and other organizations you benefit of too. Stop whining. Or build a wall around yourselves with a lid on top. And please don’t come out.
      Actually the US do not provide the highest standard of living in the world. Your rate of death in all ages is much higher than in more developed countries. You don’t get as old as others if you survive infancy. Your medical system is a wreck. (Even the British is better.) You can’t provide resource friendly technologies and poison your own soil and waters with waste. Our public and commercial transportation systems are superior and highly effective. Apart from your medical system your social system is a horrible mess. You are a egoistic society and lack social ethics.
      Your plumbing and housing is 19th century standard. Europe has much more sophisticated plumbing, water supply (we can drink our tap water without getting sick or dying) and heating technology. Even our windows are high-tech while the US has guillotines as windows and waste energy for air-conditioning instead of building a house the right way.
      Obviously Britain is the only European country you know. Most likely from hearsay!
      Though Britain is a bad example of Europe. It is still quite oriented to the same standards as the US – still thinking they are an empire. The rest of Europe moved on. Visiting Britain is a little time travel for a continental European. The British are knows for their curious teeth. Rest of Europe gets proper dental. I got some teeth corrected when I was younger. For free.
      “Clit sniping” is actually not a middle eastern thing. It is common in Africa and not promoted by islamic scholars, in contrary. Again you show a lack of knowlege. You just spit out some phrases and words you got on FOX and Breitbart mixed with naive hate and envy.
      No doubt America will come sooner or later. On refugee ships to escape the ruins of post-Trump USA. So sad.

  12. Paul Frazer June 28, 2018

    Civilization was built on conquest. You just sound like a sore loser because you failed at it.
    I’ve been all through Europe and the Middle East. 96% of the countries on earth take financial aid from US tax payers. Muslims snip the clits off little girls then bag them up. They also murder gays and keep little boys as sex slaves. Sharia Law is a crime against humanity. I did 3 tours over there, I know what happens on Thursdays. I know how you people live first had. As I said, enjoy your new country. We will be here ready willing and able to help those who wish to be free. As we have always done. Your welcome.

    • So you gave up and spit more hate. But, well, maybe you are traumatized by your tours. If only your country would provide proper med and psychological care to its veterans. But you just served your purpose like a good patriotic tool. I’m sure your president is proud of. You know, the one who didn’t serve. Still doesn’t, except himself.

  13. Paul Frazer June 28, 2018

    I’m not Military, thanks though. Civilian contractors do tours as well. I’ve done tours all over the world. The Philippines is the new full spot to go. Funner even then the Middle East or Africa used to be before it got so easy. Man talk about spitting hate. No wonder your military and police suck with that kind of support from the citizens. Sad. You don’t understand why President Trump was elected anymore then we understand German Hilliaries, and that’s okay. We Americans don’t take advise from you fellas since we kicked your butts back across the pond hundreds of years ago. I’m hard on Europe now because I know my sons or their sons are going to have to go over there and take it back for you, AGAIN. Because The EU as a whole has lost it’s stomach for the fight. Even to protect their own women and children. But the military aged men pouring into your country have not. And I’ve danced with them. They will butcher you cowards like goats. And you’ll let em. History is replete with this story. And once again you’ll come crying to the American tax payer to send their sons to fight and die on your soil because your useless and weak. Hell we have more respect for Vladimir Putin then any of your soft and squishy leaders. Say what your want about America but who else on earth would help you? Australia? Canada? Hahahahaha. Hate us til you need us right. Hahaha. Clowns.

    • This person is the most hilarious person. Noone asks for your help. Afghanistan, Irak and Syria didn’t asked for it. And just to amuse the others: Your country is a bunch of runaways from europe and africa, that steal in, annoy and bully other countries. Nearly all screw ups in the past 60 years in the world are based on a US move.
      And the funniest fact: Trump tries to build a wall to stop immigrants from Mexico, who by the way are a great foundational part of your countries stability.

      And Trumps economy plans are the best. Taxes on all Imports…nearly all technology related stuff in the US is imported from China.

      But don’ t get me wrong. I don’t hate the US. I just hate overpatriotic people, that walk with blind hate and don’t accept bad facts about their country. We call them Nazis (National Socialists).

    • What At-Paul said.
      America was founded by criminals and religious lunatics who fled or where thrown out of Europe because it was to civilized and progressive. What else is there to expect?

  14. Well…another maniac in Annapolis, Maryland. Killed five people. More guns for the people… -.-

    • Trump voter, misogynist and killer. In perfect harmony.

    • Maybe reporters should carry guns instead of pens and cameras. That would have saved them. (irony inside)

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