Who Do You Like Better?


Miss Spain, Miss Ukraine, Miss Indonesia or the last one? Take your pick!


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  1. I like MissTake the best as he is one of my closest and dearest friends.
    The others Miss’ are fake.

  2. Sorry couldn't narrow it down further, so many. October 9, 2022

    Where is that guy that dresses in women’s dresses, tells bad jokes and wants nuclear war?

  3. Political observer October 9, 2022

    This is why beauty pageants should be banned. Guys like Trump, Putin,
    Trudeau, etc try to take the limelight.

    • Trudeau fetishist is back. Pretty sure he shops Trudeau’s head on all these girls and hangs the pictures up in his “mancave”.

  4. Political observer October 9, 2022

    I’m proud to be gay by the way.

    • Well good for you fruit cup. Now go to bed and play with yourself.

    • Freedom!!

      You do you. Don’t let the snowflakes get you down.

    • Why would you be proud to be gay? It’s not an achievement. You are just born like that. I was born hetero. No big deal.

  5. Pieeeeeeease no fighting boys. Guys dressed like women is nothing new.
    Back in the day when Rome ran supreme, cross dressing was socially
    acceptable. Mind you, Rome self imploded because of their lack of human
    Do you notice any modern examples?

    • Yes, as the Roman Empire actually imploded because of climate changes I see the parallels as conservatives are driving civilisation down the abyss again.
      They have always been the problem.

    • Rome imploded due to climate change, how fu&#ing stupid are you.
      pick up a history book or two, and start reading.
      Good grief!

    • *lol* I did. Maybe you should update your library.

  6. Same old fish bowl

  7. Yep that’s true… He likes take yeah.. And he takes what ever he wants without asking. One thing I disagree tho is the fact that he didn’t miss to take :)

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