Mindless Sheeple Consuming Corporate Propaganda

Some people are just mindless sheeple incapable of thinking for themselves. Not like me and you – original thinkers who are immune to corporate propaganda. It’s a sad state of affairs, really.

Mindless sheeple!

7 thoughts on “Mindless Sheeple Consuming Corporate Propaganda”

  1. Just here to see how many free thinkers got rubbed the wrong way.

  2. That’s cool dude but I don’t think people will appreciate you watching them getting rubbed the wrong way let alone any way!

  3. Modern freethinkers in a nutshell.

  4. Never think for free. Always *always* get paid upfront. 🤑

  5. Just plain vulgar crap, nothing else to overthink.

  6. Is that your assessment as a freethinker?

  7. Free thinking = I watched someone else’s sh*tty YouTube video and now I have an uninformed opinion on everything

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