17 thoughts on “Donald”

  1. I have no brain

  2. What??? I don’t get this.

  3. You have no brain either

  4. Donald Trump. Flip over = Donald Duck.

  5. This “Trump Derangement Syndrome” of the Leftists gets funnier every day:

  6. At least POTUS Asteriscus V has the decency to wear pants in public.

  7. I’m getting seriously bored by this wife abuser. I propose a new tactic. Ignore him till he disappears into nothing.

  8. Dat, I highly recommend you stop eating your breakfasts from used colostomy bags.

  9. You just lack style, KB.

  10. Dat married his brother

  11. My brother died in plane crash. The plane was overloaded when Kauf Buch’s mother came aboard. When she took a dump on the toilet the plane got out of balance, instable and…

  12. Would you still make fun with a fat muslim? Or is it conflicting PC?

  13. Yes, we know, Kauf Buch. No need to mention it.

  14. Well, for now that is. You never quite know with him, don’t you.

  15. Bombing of German ambassy in Kabul was a punishment for Germany by President Trump’s agents because he was embarrased at NATO.

  16. You mean like Bill Clinton bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999?

  17. Wow, what a Richard.

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