Photos Of Dogs Jumping On a Trampoline

Flying Dogs is a fun book by Julia Christe that captures adorable dogs from an unique perspective: mid-air. Featured below are some of the best examples.

13 thoughts on “Photos Of Dogs Jumping On a Trampoline”

  1. wtf Eatliver?

  2. None of these dogs seem to be enjoying this.

  3. Good way to break a dogs leg. Not cool.

  4. I have a feeling by their body and facial expressions, these dogs aren’t “jumping”. They all look like they are being dropped from some kind of height…

  5. yes… I also had the same heartbreaking feeling

  6. So, if you look up “Making of Flying Dogs” on Julia Christie’s YouTube channel, you can see what was going on. There is no trampoline. The dogs are being held by a standing person and dropped to the floor! The fall isn’t as big as the pictures would make it seem, but still it’s obvious none of the dogs are enjoying the experience!

  7. Good.

    – CatMan

  8. I hope the stupid photographer gets fined or at least yelled at. No animal, should be handled this way just for a photo. It’s as if we grabbed kids and just dropped them down for the fun of a photo. And yes, humans are animals. Mammals. And I am an animal lover~

  9. number 13 is a damn werewolf

  10. Lol i know, like if ur here in 2018

  11. I broke my leg

  12. That’s a shame

  13. the Bulldog is like: “Harumph, this again? *sigh* “

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