Metric vs. Imperial

18 thoughts on “Metric vs. Imperial”

  1. I find your lack of inches disturbing.
    (Thats what she said :)

  2. Wut time izzit in metric?

  3. Yes. Metric is peaceful and prosperous, imperial is violent and war hungry. Nice comparison.

  4. Depends on your time zone. Here it currently is 22:25 in metric. That’s 10:25 p.m. imperial.

  5. I like your thinking, in particular because so many Americans don’t seem to think this way. You seem to prefer peace over war, for instance.

  6. He’s metrized.

  7. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years are not metric units.

  8. How many cents is a dollar in imperial?

  9. Latitude and longitude are also not metric units.

  10. It’s funny because history tells Europe starts the worldwide wars and USA has to go and fix the mess.
    Even now USA (aka Nato) is what prevents Europe from speaking Russian. But yeah, let us all brainless libtards cry our BS =}

  11. Metric = Stuck in orbit over 1 minor planet in the vastness of space
    Imperial = Galactic Empire, room for expansion, capitalist “trade”…

  12. @Hein
    Yes, you are right. Europeans started Korean war, Vietnam war, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia, Egypt, Lebanon, Bay of Pigs, Laos, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Iran, Afghanistan, Salvador, Lybia, Grenada, Persian Gulf, Panama, Liberia, Kuwait, Iraq…
    All Europeans, rught?!
    Learn your history Trumpie. OK?

  13. @Just Saying
    Metric = REALITY
    Imperial = JUST A FICTION.
    Yes? OK.

  14. @Usonian
    And your point is?

  15. Learn your history

  16. @Usonian
    Learn to make a solid point, and not a vague posts with irrelevant links. OK? Good.

  17. @American in Viena: You need to actually take the time to READ THE POST. It quite clearly says “Europe starts the WORLDWIDE wars”, which history tells were both STARTED BY EUROPEANS. And in both cases the US had to go in and clean it up, including billions of dollars in aid to the defeated countries. Without the US, you folks in Vienna would be speaking German, and your neighbors to the north would now be speaking Russian.
    Further, well, let’s see:
    Vietnam, a continuation of the First Indochina War, involving removing the French.
    Laos, started by the French.
    The last I checked, France is in Europe.

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