Measuring People


European vs. American approach. Also known as metric vs. imperial approach.


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  1. My armlenght from shoulder to elbow is 34 cm. February 23, 2021

    The joke is fine.
    Unfortunately the first picture is not. The measuring tape is clearly not in cm, unless the 2 persons have really tiny arms and fingers.

  2. Uhh, true, bad failure with the measurement tape…
    Otherwise the story is true.

    So c’mon Murica, join the metric train!!

    • also goes for liter vs. quart.

      I wonder whether US would have imperial units for things like voltage, current and similar.

    • Those were all standardized. They had no choice to take them too when they stole all those inventions.

  3. Two kinds of nations. Those that use the metric system and those that landed a man on the moon.

    • NASA uses the metric system. All the calculations for the moon landings were also done in metric. Imperial is useless.

    • They used imperial for one probe they sent to Mars in the 90s. Made a nice crater.

    • They landed on the moon with metric equipment developed by a German. All America did was put money into it.

    • Two kinds of nations. Those that use the metric system and those that attack their own democracy.

    • When did Liberia land on the moon??

    • Soviet “Luna 10” was the first spacecraft to go into orbit around the Moon, and the first human-made object to orbit any body beyond the Earth.

    • Yuri Gagarin, the first person in space and in orbit.

  4. World's Worst Dad February 23, 2021

    A lot of us ‘Mericans are well versed in both the Metric and Imperial system. I guess those who can only understand on system look down upon those of us who know both system and can convert between them easily. Y’all are like the rednecks, who speak only English, looking down at immigrants who can speak both English and their native tongue.
    For absolute measurement and easy conversion, Metric wins easily. But Imperial is easier to visualize, because it scales to the item being measured.

    • Unfortunately those natural items don’t grow in standardized dimensions.
      As someone working with the metric system everyday I can assure you it is as easy to visualize. My wife does no engineering and her sense of proportion is perfect – in metrics.
      The imperial system has no advantages. None. No matter how hard you try to find them. Others tried. The metric system prevailed. They didn’t.

  5. Ahh, wonderful Europe.

  6. Rednecks are ‘Mericans, right? Not that they are the only ‘Mericans that can only speak one language and look down on immigrants… where have you been hiding the last 4 years?

  7. Just more hate for US. Yawn.

  8. I use both regularly, no problem.
    I do find it handy that my foot is exactly a foot long though. What I dont get is Brits that list weight as “stone”. Also, farrenheight makes more sense for humans experience with temperature, we are mostly water but not 100%.

    • I don’t want to measure your foot for a foot. That’s somewhat disgusting.
      And Fahrenheit doesn’t make much sense. Celsius is much more intuitive. 0° – water freezes, 100° water boils.

  9. Really enjoyed the video of the Canadian refusing the covid test and standing up for his rights. Even the cop admitted they can do nothing. Stand for your rights or lose them.

    • Your rights to be ignorant and poorly informed? We passed 500K deaths.

    • “Stand for your rights, or lose them??”

      You think that if you get one shot that helps save lives, that it will somehow mean that you will loose all your rights?? Funny.

      Interesting. Let me guess. You were one of those folks running to buy guns when Obama was elected. Worried about losing your rights? There were fewer gun restrictions when he left office than when he was elected. ( Brady handgun and the assault weapons ban both ended. )

      Turns out there is more than one type of “Sheeple”. Lay off the propaganda.

    • You are soooo concerned about taking care of other people and yourself. I’ll bet your momma is proud of you.

    • He refused a SARS-CoV-2 test because it was metric?

    • He refused to a corona test and they could do nothing? So, he HADN’t LOST his rights in the first place.
      Those who tell such lies will take your freedom as soon as they are in power.

    • Or sell your country to the highest bidder. Like that Austrian politician who was caught basicly selling Austria to Russian oligarchs.

  10. Ah yes, but we are humans, not water. We are effected in different ways just as water, at different elevations or mineral content freezes and boils at different points. Easy example for this would be saltwater. And no, old wise one, any time I need to measure a foot, I do not take out my foot, but it has come in quite handy a few times when I had no tape measure and had to measure out things like flooring for a small room. I just so happen to be lucky my foot is of a standard measurement.

  11. The Imperial system is superior, and all other systems must be destroyed. -Darth Vader

  12. So Europeans like to keep everyone at arms length, and Americans walk all over them?

  13. Bet you that video made Justine Pierre mad enough to dress up like someone else. I just loved his India trip. Insulted their country and his own walking off the plane. Such an out of touch A’hole.

  14. Stop it! You know that the Emperor of all mankind is “Justine Pierre James Trudeau”. Even though he is the most corrupt PM our country has ever had, his constant embarrassing antics have kept us in a state of minor relevance. Without him, and his face painting and glued on eyebrows endless insensitive costumes, people would have forgotten that we even exist. Praise the holy emperor…. Justine! Our country is so proud. And so, so dumb.

    • A severe case of TDS: Trudeau Disorder Syndrome.

    • As a Non-Canadian I can say that Mr. Trudeau has a good reputation on the political parquet around the world. Except in far-right circles. You know, Neo-Nazis and other scum like Trump fans.

  15. He’s a joke in Europe and not even the Dems respect him in the US. He’s the black face shaved eyebrows wanna be actor everyone thinks is a joke, but ok. Don’t stop believing!

  16. I believe this is one of the most hate fueled sites I’ve been to. Just hate on other countries but no real sense of your own countries flaws. It’s a sad little place. Much like Canada.

  17. Funny, you guys can dish it out to another country but you can’t take it. Hows if feel? People in other countries have feeling too.

  18. “I believe this is one of the most hate fueled sites I’ve been to”
    You must be new t the internet.

  19. No the whole thing is just anti American propaganda. Don’t get me wrong it’s your right, free speech and all, but it has devolved into a dirty little fish bowl where everyone just repeats the same hate over and over week after week. You know, kind of like Canada.

    • Free speech only for those who praise Trump. Good king and crooked ruler of America. All others shall perish.

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