Just a couple of huge metal fans.


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  1. Cpt Obvious August 25, 2019

    Except they’re not

  2. Fake photo. I have an original MAGA hat and it has a Made In USA sewn on tag. Of course the losers who post stuff like this easily Photoshopped picture know that libs believe anything that is spoon-fed to them because they are too lazy to check the facts for themselves.

    • left_middle_right August 25, 2019

      Of course you loser you are too stupid to post under the right picture.

    • You posted on the wrong page. Would the red hat be this one: ? And under product description: made in China.

    • The red hat looks very much like a hat made by besti available on amazon. And yes, made in China.

  3. This would be funny if they weren’t made of fiberglass,

  4. Because that sounds better than “I’m a huge carbon fiber and fiberglass fan!”.

  5. Common Sense Sez August 31, 2019

    Stoopid! Yes, it’s spelled wrong – on purpose.

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