Men’s 13 in 1 Shampoo Meme: It’s Funny Because It’s True

The struggle is real, ladies. While you spend a fortune for a special shampoo for each of your eyebrow, men enjoy men’s 13 in 1 shampoo that can be used even on cars or carpets.

How is this fair?

23 thoughts on “Men’s 13 in 1 Shampoo Meme: It’s Funny Because It’s True”

  1. What if I’m a man, but my left eyebrow is very dry?

  2. For reasons unknown to me, I am being judged by a judge
    whom dislikes me. Just yesterday he hurt my feelings saying
    I can not pass a fair comment at any of his staff.
    The only good thing yesterday was hearing that suck hole
    McCarthy being booted. He had the nerve to criticize me
    then comes down to Mar-A-Lago to kiss my ass. I have no
    respect for his kind. My pal Gaetz followed orders to a tee
    getting rid of him.
    A friendly reminder to all my supporters, I need a few bucks
    to pay-off a few blood sucking lawyers. Do not send any money
    to my defence fund, but to my re-election fund. I do not
    want monies that could be taxed in the future.

    Gaetzie my new pal, I see you as my Attorney General in my new

  3. Gaetz looked so manly yesterday making all his speeches.
    Your secret admirer, Vlad P

  4. Mean while in Canada..

  5. @Lolfosor Just stop using your girl’s right eyebrow shampoo on your left one.

  6. @Lolosor, “What if I’m a man”?
    What if indeed.

  7. You are not.

  8. No sham here, at Mar-a-Lago I use nothing but the best 100% genuine real poo on my hair. Great stuff. Make showering great again.

  9. Heavy sigh.. must be a slow news day in Canada. We’re bored.. hey… let’s trash other peoples countries and politics because we’ll be arrested if we do it to ours.
    23000+ arrested for internet posts in Canada in 2022. The level of hypocrisy is hysterical.

  10. You should not exaggerate your numbers if you want to be taken seriously. 👎🏻😂
    US has still the most inmates. For shareholder value that is.

  11. The point is you can go to jail for a Facebook post and you know that’s true. 23,000 people learned about this the hard way. Marxist’s like it but are there no Canadians who see what’s happening? Never mind. You can’t fix stupid.

  12. I’m no Canadian and I still think you are a lier. Probably pathological. Maybe you need supervision.

  13. In sane countries, freedom of speach does ot include defamation and threats.

  14. This is true. With freedom comes responsibility.

  15. Lets deny facts and spread more propaganda! If it’s your position that people are not being arrested in Canada for internet posts then you are spreading misinformation. There dozens of videos from Canadians filming the police at their door. Are those ALL fake? Who’s paying you to screw Canadians over with lies? Hmmmm..

  16. So, when the police came to your door it means that you were on the internet? Did they entrap you by a cop pretending to be a thirteen-year-old on line?

  17. I bet he got in trouble with the Canadian authorities and had to flee to the U.S. No wonder he is a fan of Gaetz.

  18. Okay so your position is that no one has been arrested for posting their opinions on the internet in Canada. I bet you would also falsely claim that no one had their bank accounts frozen by Trudeau’s Government. Or that they arrested and harassed Clergy. All of this, the arrests, the freezing of citizens bank accounts etc.. is all easily verifiable. It provably happened and is happening in Canadastan. Your repeated attempts to deny reality only prove the point that Marxist are alive and well there. Thanks again for confirmation of that. Now lie some more. We need the laughs.

  19. Do you know what Marxism is or do you just mindlessly repeat whatever alt-right memes you’re spoonfed? Idiot.

  20. I do know what Marxism is. I need only look North.

  21. I’m sure you’re a big fan of Marxism and could tell us wonderful stories about the good Ol days and the millions who died under it. I do know what Marxism is. That’s why I left Canada. The most beautiful country on earth. To see those kind wonderful people be pushed into Trudeauism broke my heart. But my kids are free, and were not turned into GMO’s.

  22. They have the internet in Canada?

  23. You have obviously never lived in Canada.

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