The Greatest Pictures of Men and Cats Ever

12 thoughts on “The Greatest Pictures of Men and Cats Ever”

  1. Impressive. Most impressive.

  2. Suddenly I am hearing Elvis speaking in Darth Vader’s voice . . .
    There is definitely a disturbance in the Force . . .

  3. My god man, where’s your nuggets?

  4. BUBBLESSSSS!!!!!!

  5. Morrissey is awesome!

  6. and not ONE of them knows how to correctly hold a cat… WTF

  7. This is why the Muslims will win.

  8. this is really scary that people do this
    Poor things

  9. now THAT was funny

  10. Gotta love Bubbles and his kitty!

  11. The cats look slightly uncomfortable and in this case their feeling of superiority may be valid.

  12. What a bunch of dorky humans!

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