19 thoughts on “Medieval Artists Were Terrible At Drawing Lions”

  1. Hey now! One or two of those are actually close.
    Some not so much.

  2. None of them had seen a lion in real before, and they just had the descriptions of a lion from some traveler who had seen a lion months and sometimes years ago, or the written description from the bible.

  3. Maybe they actually shaved them like that.

  4. All they had to do was look at a local house cat and draw it larger. Maybe people back then suffered from acute vision problems, or maybe that’s the way local house cats looked.

  5. Considering that most of these were probably drawn by artists who had never seen an actual lion or had photos to use as reference, they’re not that bad. Amazing how many people think the internet existed in medieval times.

  6. True. In medieval times they probably hadn’t seen a photo of a lion.

  7. Or they just shaved them like that. XD

  8. Cmon face it. Medieval peple just had no talent

  9. And they probably voted for Trump

  10. You just couldn’t help yourself… sad.

  11. We all have this today and most people can’t even draw a spider right.

  12. All primitive people vote Trump. So surprise.

  13. The one next to the unicorn actually looks legit

  14. One of the pictures is a manticore and not a lion, as the Greek inscription says. The artist was not guilty.

  15. Denigrating people because of race religion or gender preference is forbidden, but if they have political opinions different than yours it’s fine to insult?

  16. Many have wierd humanesque faces. I am a conservative fom england.

  17. It’s because the artists have a little time to observe the lions, then they have to run away from them.

  18. Hey dudes.
    The artist were making them faces Look like some local people. That were normal way to Make jokes on people

  19. Yup, gotta walk up to the lion while it sleeps and use the medieval shaver on it

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