Math Meme: And Then Satan Said To God, And God Listened…

There are many terrible things happening in world: plagues, wars, hurricanes… But the most horrible thing, without a shadow of doubt, is the fact that we have alphabet in math. Truly evil trick by Satan.

And then Satan said... put alphabet into math!

26 thoughts on “Math Meme: And Then Satan Said To God, And God Listened…”

  1. And then Trump said . . . Steak is expensive, but I still manage
    to eat two daily, keep up the donations.

  2. Never forget: It’s not Satan’s fault you are too stupid for maths. It was God who created you.

  3. And then Biden said, “Thdnkjfdhmdwccbkpptma”. Then shuffled slowly off the stage while reports asked important questions to his back.

  4. And what’s the difference to the incoherent speeches of Trump? Who isn’t even able to answer questions or read reports. But sharpie on a map, wow.

  5. Trump left a huge deficit in the budget. Same as his companies. He can’t be good at math.

  6. It’s not his money. So it a win.

  7. Math is racist. LOL LOL LOL

  8. ORANGE!!!! 🤣

  9. Math is racist??? That’s goofy, like you, not funny

  10. Ha ha ha! We are laughing at your choice of decrepit leaders!

  11. Mathematics is racist.

    The idea that math is inherently racist is a topic that has generated some debate and discussion within the field of education and social sciences. Some scholars and educators argue that certain educational practices and approaches to teaching math have the potential to perpetuate racial inequalities and reinforce social disparities. Here are some arguments that have been put forth to support the notion that math can perpetuate racial bias:

    Cultural Relevance: Some critics argue that traditional math curricula often lack cultural relevance and fail to incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences, which can alienate students from certain cultural backgrounds and contribute to feelings of exclusion and inadequacy.

    Stereotypes and Biases: Certain teaching practices or societal stereotypes can contribute to the perpetuation of biases that affect students’ confidence and performance in math. This can create a self-fulfilling prophecy where students from marginalized communities internalize negative stereotypes and believe they are inherently less capable in math.

    Access and Resources: Disparities in access to quality education and resources can disproportionately affect students from marginalized communities, limiting their opportunities to excel in math and other academic subjects. This lack of access can further perpetuate socioeconomic and racial inequalities.

    Assessment and Standardized Testing: Some argue that standardized testing and assessment practices in math may be culturally biased, leading to unfair evaluation and measurement of students’ abilities. This can result in inaccurate assessments of students’ math proficiency and potentially perpetuate racial disparities in educational outcomes.

  12. Math for Dummies has helped bridge the disparity between the hood,
    and gated communities.

  13. Teachers are racist, maths can’t be.

  14. People live in gated communities to keep the hood out. Staying away from the hood is a basic survival skill in the US.

  15. Staying away from Americans is the world’s survival skill! “Oh God an American, just smile and nod and for goodness sake don’t use the wrong pronoun!”

  16. Sadly there are 10 million illegals who disagree and have illegally entered the US just since Traitor Joe took office. Seems your theory is incorrect.

  17. After hours of studying the illustration I conclude it to be
    a poor reproduction. It shows J.C having crossed eyes.
    In the original illustration, by an infamous Italian artist,
    it shows J.C having only one eye located in the centre
    of his forehead.

  18. So satan is the reason for all advanced mathematics that brought us most of the greatest inventions of all time?

    I was going to list all these great inventions…. but maybe he was playing the long game and brought us the internet and the misinfomration age. If Satan’s real, twitter is probably his favorite place ever.

  19. It’s X, but when it was Twitter it was definitely Satans home. Any thing the Left endorses is usually Satanic. Trans Story Hour for toddlers, mutilating children’s bodies with drugs or surgery, acceptance of pedophilia, (like the new law in Canada removing mandatory minimums for Pedos), teaching white children to hate themselves etc.. It’s definitely Satans favorite party.

  20. “Traitor Joe”? So Trump isn’t the only traitor? Traitors everywhere. Some even have their own party. They call themselves “Republicans”.

  21. Your late for your anti Jew Pro Hamas rally. ALL the Left will be there. Don’t forget your antifa stabbing stick Comrade.

  22. So sad. No one is following your narrative and is condemning both Hamas and Israel for war crimes. Damn. You life must be so hollow. 😂

  23. Over 300,000 people in London and more in New York and DC seem to disagree with you. Watch and listen to what they are saying. Read a bit about demographics. This is your future. Good luck.

  24. Funny, some time it’s just camera tricks from the lying media now it’s thousands of people. You are so transparent.

  25. When it’s his guys, it’s thousands and real. When it is the other ones it’s a camera trick. He’s a joke like Trump’s imaginary inauguration masses. Clowns united. 🤡🤡🤡

  26. Ain’t nobody gonna talk about how it looks like the devil has his arm in the other dude’s sleeve? Ok…

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