Yes, Dear


I don't know much about birds, but I can easily identify the husband in this picture.


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  1. Don’t know much about birds but I can see the sexist in this picture

    • Did the bad, bad picture hurt your SJW fee-fees?

    • Don’t think there are feeling involved. Facts don’t have feelings.

    • No one is denying the joke is sexist. But since it’s a mild sexist joke (with a truth behind because women do have more brain area for communication than men, and they do profit out of that when looking for jobs), we’re just pointing out that one complaining about sexism in this case had feelings hurt. Womp womp.
      Your gender studies misguided you and women do have more ability (statistically speaking) for languages than men.

    • Not funny July 11, 2018

      Well, I think there is no visible factor for amateurs, that could possibly let them judge about the gender. It could be male and female, female and male or any other constellation of argument be. The comment over the picture is stupid. It could be both genders nagging and both genders ignoring.

    • How would you know? As a man you don’t understand them either.

    •, CHAD July 27, 2018

      The only butthurt folks here are the poor males who have nothing to show but their Y-chromosome and have to live in a world where that doesn’t make them boss by default any more. Women get your jobs cause when they’re better than you, easy as that. Not cause they’re “statistically” bett with words, but because they’re not self entitled lazy slobs

    • Another dude March 31, 2019

      I think my first thought was, WTF? Not just sexist, but ridiculously gender insensitive. Captioned by someone from the 70s.

  2. Dr. Flatsocks July 9, 2018

    Kingfisher. The easiest way to know the difference between male and female kingfishers (besides spotting who is popping the egss out) is by looking at their beaks. The female has dark upper beak and orange lower beak, where as the male a dark upper and lower beak.

    • Sounds like the ole Star Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

  3. Rock your robin July 10, 2018

    Cornell U. has a world class ornithology department and a website to go with it.

  4. This is really funny. Hahaha!!!

  5. Dat. Today there are no facts amongst “awoke”, just feelings.

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