The Funniest Signs From Anti-Brexit March

An estimated 670k people took to the streets of London to call for a referendum on the final Brexit deal. And as expected from any large-scale march, they brought their A-game when it came to hilarious and puntastic signs.

57 thoughts on “The Funniest Signs From Anti-Brexit March”

  1. I don’t think we’ve got a tub of Savlon big enough for this many sore losers.

  2. They don’t have to be losers. They could just stay. They want to stay.
    But they are held hostage by idiot politicians and russian agents.

  3. aka The Sore Loser March

  4. These are Britains. Not braindead Americans.

  5. Euro we voted leave. We are leaving. Try to overturn the vote and watch us riot.

  6. Hahaha, Kahlergi plan whatever, right?
    Not refugees are destroying western democracies. The far right is. Without right populist idiots foreigners would have to adept over time to keep pace with the rest of western society. The far right is separating them and cutting them off of western civilisation. So they won’t have any motivation for assimilation into our societies.
    Rightards are playing right into islamic extremists hands providing them with frustrated foot soldiers.
    And why?
    Just for money. Because they want to get a bit richer than other politicians.
    As we know many rightist politicians have an (un)official criminal record of tax evasion, fraud, violence or rape. Their often judicative background provides them with loopholes to avoid prosecution. Voting for far right parties means voting for lawyers.

  7. More like victims.

  8. Pulling out has a very high success rate (96%) when done correctly.

  9. Another day, another dose of hate from Dat.

    Nothing to see here…move along, please, move along.

  10. Actually lots of creative/funny signs.

    Guess people are just really bad at deciding what they want. And suddenly it’s too late. Trump, Brexit, getting a dog…

    PM May say there will be no vote. I don’t want them to leave either. But there was a vote.

    Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. (Churchill, House of Commons, 11 november 1947)

    Oh, and Cats > Dogs

  11. Dat’s funny, i didn’t know it was far right populist idiots who wrote “do not take jews or christians as your friends” in verse 5:51 of the quran and thereby making muslim assimilation into europe impossible forever, but i guess dat NPC just knows everything.

    Wait, did you just call the prophet mohammed a nazi?

  12. @Dat
    Sometimes I get lazy. I read your posts and others like you and it motivates me to continue to practice my Karate and go to class as well as go to the range at least once a month.

    Socialism, communism, national socialism, collectivism, stateism, you guys are bad mojo and God help us all if you people get into power again in the US… anywhere.

  13. Urban legend

  14. Fun fact is the “vote” was actually just a survey if a vote was neccessary. Suddenly Brexit. No wonder everyone is pissed.

  15. @Sigh So, defending democracy is hate. So it’s 1984, good to know.
    @Isaiah You are part of the problem you describe, not the solution. You are not different from any potential ISIS follower waiting for his chance to fight “evil”. You both should be shot into the sun.

  16. “For couples that use coitus interruptus correctly at every act of intercourse, the failure rate is 4% per year. In comparison, the pill has a perfect-use failure rate of 0.3%, the I.U.D. a rate of 0.6%, and the condom a rate of 2%.”

  17. Fantastic. Not one actual argument. Liberal crybabies are losing the narrative, loving it!

  18. We are trying nothing. Except saving you from misery. Because we kind of like you. But, ok. Bye.

  19. Fake facts by American christian extremists. All they want is you not using a condom ==> making christan warriors by accident.
    God is great.

  20. Indeed. Muslims, Christians, Jews, all the same abrahamitic breed. All worshipping a psychotic god, glorifying violence in his name.

  21. Oh Datty boy, i think you “forgot” to have an angry opinion about that quran verse i quoted?

  22. Why? You were right. He wasn’t anything else than a “nazi”.

  23. Oh please, you are in no way, shape or form defending democracy. In fact you are doing the exact opposite by negating anyone with a view point other than your own.

  24. Wow. 670k people. That’s almost 3% of the people who voted Leave. Epic.

  25. @Anon: Euro doesn’t quite get the concept of voting…..

  26. @Sigh: Yeah, but he will never grasp the concept ideological freedom. He could read Animal Farm, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, and The Trial, and still see not himself……

  27. Sorry to break it to you, anon, but it was not a “survey”. A referendum was called and submitted to the citizens of the UK. The referendum was close, but it did pass. The definition of a referendum, by the way, is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “the principle or practice of submitting to popular vote a measure passed on or proposed by a legislative body or by popular initiative”.

    You may now go to your safe place.

  28. I give you a fact, you respond with an opinion, I give you sources to the fact, you come back with another opinion. NPC much?

  29. I have a safe place. Do you, Big…R?

  30. Fake facts aren’t even opinions.

  31. American freedom? Laughable.

  32. The EU countries invested in Britain for decades. It’s their right to get their part of the deal as well.

  33. There are people who do actually work and can’t demonstrate and troll on the net. Get a job.

  34. always blabbering about socialism, communism and still no clue what it means. pathetic.

  35. i hope the scots will seperate. they did not vote for brexit. charming people also. beutiful country. scotland for eu.

  36. He has a basement.

  37. @Oh Snap
    If there is a 96% success rate per incident of not getting pregnant or let’s say a 1 in 24 chance, and you shag her once a day for a month, your approaching a near 100% chance she is going to be knocked up by the end of the month, depending on fertility rates and all that.

  38. @Statty McStatty Face: That’s not how statistics work.

  39. @ Anon. The UK is actually a positive net funder of the EU project, along with Germany, France and (surprisingly) Italy; to say the EU invested in the UK is a ridiculous statement.

  40. Of course, in total numbers. Nethertheless the deal will be about the details. The money is not just sitting in bags in the basement. It’s in motion.
    The Brits will still have to pay their bills as the EU will have to pay theirs.

  41. Bet Bigr never read more than 5 pages of the books.

  42. Rightists are like extremist muslims. Like islam as a religion the far right is the political agenda of “peace”. Rightists are now sending bombs to democrats.
    The US civil war is started by the rightist. As it always has been in every country.

  43. Anonnymouse: Sorry to disappoint, but I read them all, cover to cover. You have apparently never even read five books.

  44. Yes, the US Civil War was started by Republicans. They curtailed and eventually abolished slavery and those actions made democrats secede from the union.

  45. Americans find this whole thing halarious! It was all doomed to failure before you idiots even tried it. Destroying countries sovereignty and forcing them to be Governed by people they did not elect themselves. How could you have been that stupid in the first place!? You make us look like geniuses and we have Trump as President. Haha.

  46. That’s not how EU works. If you want to be member of the club you have to pay. That’s all, like every exclusive club. UK always had it’s foot in the door, never steppted in completly, benefited and participated but was always whining about the fee. But they signed contracts and they are now held responsible for those. There is no unfair play from EU’s side. Even without membership the EU has no interest in a weak UK. So much is sure. It’s more like the UK is crippling itself and speeding in a Mini towards the cliffs over Dover without brakes. Thinking they’ll lift of and fly away…

  47. Enjoy you dystopian future as you fade to a “1984” like Nation. Or maybe you can shake off all this SJW socialist garbage and grow up.

  48. I’m sorry I wasted your, MY, time. They just upheld a blasphemy case over Islam. UK EU your all finished anyway. Your rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Will stop thinking about your toad villages because your done in 20 years. Bye Bye.

  49. Back to the caves into the future.

  50. Says the guy who’s ship is sinking already.

  51. US-Terror from within already in motion.

  52. It was nearer 150 thousand.

  53. Unamusing photos of antidemocrats peeved at not getting their own way and trying to overturn the majority decision to no longer be controlled by an unelected foreign elite. Shame on them all.

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