Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week

This lovely collection of men’s outfits has been made by Palomo Spain for 2017 / 2018 season.

31 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week”

  1. Fire is needed. Lots of fire.

  2. Someone quickly burn these before they lay eggs!

  3. Poor guys. Hope they pay them well

  4. I thought this only happened in nightmares and The NeverEnding Story.

  5. Hahaha!!!

  6. I have a link to a “black metal fashion show” video, but it was removed. it also features model with the “please kill me now” look.

  7. #14 – It’s Ruby Rodd’s outfit!!! Now where is Zorg’s ensemble?!

  8. The real sad fact is that the alt-right morons and the fascist pigs supporting Trump are more fearful of these guys than they are of any supposed Muslim terrorist.

  9. They’re almost as flat-chested as the women models.

  10. Just plain stupid

  11. Lolololol!

  12. You must be more flat chested than these males, Zelda!
    You Leftists, after all, are the ones ACTUALLY BEHAVING like fascists.
    I’d say “look in the mirror,” but,
    in your case…DON’T.
    Broken glass is seven years bad luck.

  13. Funny thing is, if you look for reviews on the fashion show they’re all raving about how extraordinary it was:
    Palomo Spain: “The Most Amazing, Beautiful, Decadent, Evil Thing” at the New York Men’s Shows

  14. Someone wasted their Fashion and Design Degree….

  15. @Kauf Buch: Sorry about your penis. Real cryin’ shame that it’s so small.

  16. The hound’s-tooth outfit is quite fetching.

  17. I wonder what SECDEF Mattis thinks about these

  18. Well… that’s different.

  19. That’s YOU in the fourth photo…amirite?!?
    Goes *great* with one of those P*SSY hats!

  20. Well, the reviewers ARE for the most part mentally ill homosexuals… SO?!?

  21. The pathetic fact is, the uninformed leftists believe whatever the media feeds them, like good little boys and girls…and whatever this is. I bet you’re more afraid of NOT liking things like this, because you’re afraid of not being socially accepted and being called a racist. How liberals have twisted the definition of hate related words is what’s sad. For people who claim to be so open-minded and embracing of mankind, it’s funny how ugly you all really are, when someone doesn’t agree with you. Forget your penis, sorry about your life. Pro-choice can be a good thing. Too bad your mother didn’t make the right choice…

  22. @SomeoneWhoHatesYou: Your alias says it all. Little Nazis such as youself only feel free when you’re hurting someone else.

  23. How unoriginal to call me a Nazi. Is that because that’s all the creativity you could muster, because your leaders told you to? What else is there in your predetermined rhetoric? Nazis, racists, alt-right or labelling me with some kind of phobia? Or is it because I threw the word racist around and you couldn’t use your favorite descriptive noun? Congratulations on being another mindless Internet troll. Maybe next you can retweet something and add a hash tag to it, so you can see how many people like it. You’re not a jerk, you’re just lazy. You probably have to wake up early for your entry level Barista’s assistant job at Starbucks, so try and get some rest and repost something that I haven’t seen yet. You’re not entitled to everything sweetie, which includes the fact that just because you value your opinion over others, doesn’t entitle you to be on the right side of history.

  24. So what?

  25. So now we know why these supermodels are paid such huge sums.
    I wouldn’t wear one of those outfits in Private for less than a six-figure sum, let alone on a catwalk (Tomcat walk?)

  26. is that a fact?

  27. Understandably, they mostly look like they hate their life . . .

  28. These are only Man in Woman clothes, calm down and chill. Nobody’s supposed to be wear this.

  29. Where were the men you mentioned?

  30. What the F*ck Happened?

  31. While I can’t stand Drump, Yo must be a feminist vanilla privileged liberal pos who’s getting offended for me 👍🏽

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