Making Friends Is Not Easy For Everyone

Some people find it easier making friends than others. Why? It’s a complete mystery. Nobody knows. This dumb therapist least of all.

Anyways... "Anyways" isn't a word. You mean "anyway". ANYWAY, we were talking about your difficulty making friends.

24 thoughts on “Making Friends Is Not Easy For Everyone”

  1. The best way to get something done, if you – if you hold it near and dear to you that you like to be able to … ANYWAY… nazis, dog faced pony soldier ver abbba zappa doodle to save democracy.

  2. FJB you live in your own strange world. You should not be posting
    anything till after you’ve taken your pill.

  3. Joe Biden is mentally capable of holding the role of POTUS. As a democrat I must insist that he is a smart and able.The intellect he exhibits in private meetings and conversations is so far beyond normal intelligence that his cognitive ability should never be in question. 40 years of productive, innovative and honest community service and self sacrifice while promoting the equity of minorities. A fine, unblemished record as a loving family, and I mean loving family man, and servant.

  4. “The [presidential] rankings, released Sunday [February 18th, 2024], a day before Presidents Day, placed Biden as the 14th best president in history, among the top third to serve in the Oval Office. That stands in stark contrast with his approval rating of 41% last month, the lowest at this point of any presidency since Gallup began tracking the metric under President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s. Biden is seeking reelection this year and is likely headed for a rematch against former President Donald Trump, whom the presidential rankings placed last for the second consecutive time. […] Vaugh and Rottinghaus acknowledged that academics tend to lean left. […] But while Republican academics did not rank Trump last, they did not view him favorably, either, placing him 41st. Biden, meanwhile, was farther down their list — 30th — but he still fared better than Trump.”

  5. After due consideration I Donald Trump will be the best dictator
    America has ever been subjected to.
    For a few bucks I will get rid of your nasty neighbours, relatives,
    bosses, or cheating spouses. You name it I will arrange it.
    After I have cleaned house around here important positions will
    be available at bargain prices to white Christian folks just like me.

  6. Trump is escalating. Already calling for civil war before the election. He wants the U.S. in his grasp. He wants to be like Putin. Killing and molesting as he pleases. If he can’t have it, no one must.

  7. And so are the beliefs of those infected with chronic TDS.

  8. The Chinese Bots are working overtime. Maybe they should be shilling for socks instead of Biden. If people only knew how much food cost in Canada the world would invade to save the citizens of that poor country.

  9. There are lots of websites claiming that food in the US is even more expensive. Let’s invade to save the citizens of that poor country.

  10. OMG! If Trump is elected he’s going to start WW3, jail all journalists, kill all gays and sink Hawaii just like last time.

  11. Nooooo but he’ll embarrass America and botch another crisis like last time!

  12. Biden has wreaked the economy, opened the borders and has the world on the brink of WWIII. But oh no Trump! The Bots 🤖 are insane on this site.

  13. You have ever watched factual news?

  14. A pandemic (under Trump) and a global economic crisis have wreaked the economy. The borders have always been “open”. It’s just more people coming… because of economic crisis… Trump’s buddy Putin has brought the world on the brink of WWII (and f…ed up global economy) because he thought it was a good idea to burn treaties and invade a peaceful neighbor. Actually starting during Trump’s presidency. Probably hoping he would still be president by now and give Ukraine to Putin on a silver platter.
    The bots have infected your brain. You are the bot.

  15. Why do you care? You can’t vote in the US. Boop Beep.

  16. Your mom never hugged you did she?

  17. Biden will hug you. And sniff you and digitally rape you like he did Tara Ried. The man is unfit. Period. Get over it.

  18. He probably cares because the political unsanitary US tend to infect others with their rightard-disease.

  19. Well the US just moved to right. Like every other sane country has. Europe is also moving right. Leftest ideologies have failed miserably. Again.

  20. That’s not sane. That’s as sane as 1938. The far-right is a cancer same as the far-left. The far-right wants WWIII. Because they all live in the delusion to be victorious in the end. Yet other people will die for their ambition. Mostly their voters.

  21. The right wants all of us to live like Russians.

  22. Almost all academics (that’s the smart people with de lean to the left…..let that sink in!

  23. You stopped reading after “academics”? Please continue reading — there exist rightist academics as well, and they are not impressed with Trump either.

  24. Germans 1932: Stuff is expensive due to a global economic crisis. Let’s vote Hitler. He’ll make everything better. How bad can it be?
    Americans 2024: Stuff is expensive due to a global economic crisis. Let’s vote Trump. He’ll make everything better. How bad can it be?

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