Makeup: Before and After

25 thoughts on “Makeup: Before and After”

  1. makeup photoshop and/or some other procedures

  2. That last one needs to be turned into glue.

  3. Today I learned that complexion matters.

  4. Why did the last one dyed her hair?

  5. Is it a trick question?

  6. who is the woman in the first photo?

  7. Panel 9 and the last panel got worse with makeup.

  8. I like the transformation all the girls have, but I will like to know which kind to make up we need buy? Or how we can find the place where they do it?

  9. #4 is def airbrushed.

  10. 5th last girl looks even better without too.

  11. I remember watching some youtube videos about it by JennaMarbles.

  12. I am so glad that the missus doesn’t use any make-up. True love can only grow where you truly love the true face of your partner now some sort of mask. Glad the missus is very beautiful, according to my eyes.

  13. Good comment there anteater. You can sleep in bed tonight instead of the couch.

  14. I Laughed at that one . . .

  15. The plastic android look doesn’t do anything for me, and I’ve never understood it.

  16. it’s “faces of meth” in reverse!

  17. No fair.The last one is a picture of the source and what comes out.

  18. all these bitches be ugly with or without makeup

  19. the last one of Mss. Clinton is of bad taste after all she is a women, a mother, and Grandmother,
    How would you feel if it was your mother put by side of this horse? Freedom of speech goes with respect of human being

  20. #12 is Jynx Maze, google it and have fun.

  21. She doesn’t qualify under her own guidelines for viable human life.

  22. Except for the last one.

  23. the last is insulting to horses

  24. yeah but still better looking than yo mama

  25. Names would be nice

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