Shaved Alpacas (For Your Viewing Pleasure)

You may not have known it, but alpacas, like sheep, must be sheared once a year. Sometimes owners get creative…

9 thoughts on “Shaved Alpacas (For Your Viewing Pleasure)”

  1. The first image was everyone in the 70s

  2. :D

  3. Disgusting!

    Cats > Alpacas

  4. Is there no limit to which we will go in our effort to embarrass and belittle our hirsute and woolly friends?

  5. Ain’t that type of thing illegal with animals on the internet?

  6. Good trend. I’m not going down on anything unshaved.

  7. Pics from a muslim dating site?

  8. First picture is a photo of 3 of the players from the FIFA 1994.
    From Left to right we have Claudio Caniggia (ARG), Carlos Valderama (COL), and Rudi Völler (GER)

  9. i think that people do so they can laugh because they look like their head is too big. Poor alpacas. I hope that they are well cared and fed.

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