Isn’t This Ironic?

This is so damn true!

53 thoughts on “Isn’t This Ironic?”

  1. Just Georgia voters wanting their 30 silver and their Biden phone…

  2. First World shit hole…

  3. Another sore loser. Calling free voters traitors is like blaming a victim of the crime. Oh, I forgot, that is axactly the thing people like you do.

  4. Banana republic folk. Looked like Trump tried to pull off a coup erdogan-style. But as usual he failed at his ambitions. Good for the American people he is even too incompetent to be a proper dictator. The Sorest Loser – his new reality show. And everyone wears orange.

  5. Now they know walls don’t work, AND they had a whole summer of protests about the government not having the right to control their bodies. (mask wearing.) “My body, my choice.”

  6. Many of these will have to give control over their bodies’ rearside to their cellmates.

  7. More likely just Antifa LARPing as MAGA. Capitol Hill police are already saying as much. This is what you get when Congress is in charge of securing the building. Much like the border, anyone can get in.

  8. Trump reality-TV show with another smashing episode. Cant wait for the season finale in 2 weeks.

  9. Hahahahahafakehahaharightard

  10. Law and Order! But for others. Not these fine American citizens.

  11. His next try will be to use the football. If he can’t have America for himself, nobody can.

  12. We didn’t say that.

  13. The leader of the proud boys Enrique Tarrio is online and taking credit.

    Before this even happened, he said they should dress like they were with Antifa.

    Google it.

    Face reality, don’t live in your fake news bubble. Trump asked extreme right wingers to show up and they did. Not antifa.

  14. Despicable and craven parasites. And if this sick and ignominious behavior isn’t enough you have these cowards lying that it was Antifa?! Don’t make me laugh. What a bald-faced, blatant, and absolute lie.

    There are thousands of photos and videos — and all clearly show of the Trump flags, hats and other logos.

    They attack our democracy, oh, but when they are caught red-handed, they run and hide. And blame it on someone else. What pathetic losers and cowards. Just like Trump.

  15. Less than 13 days and counting.

  16. That would be 12, right?

  17. Why did the Republicans hide? It was their people doing what they asked.

  18. Yes, former Army, but a little more than 12, hence less than 13.

  19. 12 days, 12 hours, 58minutes, 35 seconds as of this post.

  20. The coward in chief said he would be walking with them to the Capitol, but went home instead.

  21. Trust me. The world knows that was NOT Antifa.

  22. I guess many just used Trump as a usefull idiot to their own desperate clinch and way to power. I think most of them were shellshocked by the real mess playing with fire can result in.
    For those Republicans throwing sh*t is fun and games until it hits the fan.

  23. What is the internet and media going to talk about once Drumph is gone. Going get boring with only COVID-19 to whine about.

  24. You’re right. We should petition to let Trump access Twitter in prision.

  25. There will be enough rightard terrorism to report. Once Drumpf is off the stage they will lose it.

  26. H-ll no!

    Shut that guy up for good. He’s already caused enough trouble.

  27. Millions of extremists actually believe the election was stolen. You can expect assassination attempts and other terrorist attacks.

    Every bill that goes through congress will be essentially tied. There will be plenty of topics to cover. It’s not like we didn’t have news before Trump.

  28. You know how it is. Before Trump came all those news must have been fake news.

  29. There is no way they were antifa. They were too brave and competent.

  30. 11

  31. Especialy as their names are known and they identify themselves as white supremacists and nazi terrorists online… If they were competent citizens they would respect democracy.

  32. The over reaction to this has been stunning. Baseless hysteria and empty political out rage. This was only 10 thousand citizens and only a handful of the crowd entered the capital. It was a small push back. Small being the operative word. But there was fear on the faces of those politicians. Real fear. Power perceived is power achieved. America is unlike ANY other country on earth for this very reason. The American people are the true power. They are the owners of American, not the politicians. They just needed to be reminded of that. Things like that need to happen now and again in a free country. It’s actually a good thing long term. Just hard for outsiders to understand.

  33. * That’s what we’d say if it had been a peaceful protest.

    They tried to take control of congress when it was voting to confirm a free and fair election. Vice president and speaker of the house were there, so if they’d been successful, they could have overthrown the government. Parler was full of people stating plans to kidnap or kill.

    Republicans – “LAW AND ORDER! Punish those looters and rioters with every law you can!! ”
    [ Republicans break some important laws …]
    Republicans – “Now is a time for healing the nation. No need to prosecute everyone or impeach the guy who orchestrated the whole thing..”

  34. Those weren’t the American people. The American people voted for Biden. These were terrorists trying to coup for their criminal leader.
    And I would call a killed policeman hysteria. That was murder. And all those people are accomplices. As is Trump. It’s like he killed that man himself. His weapon were lunatics. His ammunition were lies.

  35. wouldn’t

  36. As I said, it’s difficult for outsiders to understand. Take your “coup” for example. That’s for small unarmed countries. Even if you were able to take control of DC and the hundreds of politicians who govern, you’d still have to contend with hundreds of millions of people armed to the teeth. Millions of whom are military trained veterans. Experts at combat. The best in the world. These citizens have been protecting the free world since the end of WWII. No one is going to take control of America except the American people. Their the only ones qualified to do it. It was a small push back. “Small”. So relax, and try to understand that Americans are unique to the world and don’t fit into ANY of your categories. Big dogs play rough.

  37. A coup could happen in any country. They were attacking at just the right time. They could have taken out the #2 and #3 in command and all of congress.

    If it’s no big deal, than please tell us the last time something even remotely similar happened in America. 4 years ago we were leaders of the free world.

    I’m guessing you’d think it was a much bigger deal if it had been Antifa or BLM trying to overthrow an election. We certainly will get over this, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat it like the huge crime it was. Throw the book at those guys, and Trump and make sure nothing like this happens ever again!

  38. Antifa and BLM have basicly no interest in a coup. All they want are elections without republican manipulations. Like gerrymandering or intentional shortage of polling stations in non-republican leaning constituencies.

  39. Again, its hard to understand from the outside And no you can’t have a coup in the US. You can take out #1 thru 100 of the “commanders” of the Govt and it doesn’t change anything. The people, the sovereign citizens of America are still in power. They are the power, it’s their country and theirs alone. They only agree to be Governed, but if they lose faith in the politicians they simply take it back and start over. Messy, bloody etc… but welcome to freedom. After being terrorized all summer with the burning and looting with the street savages, I would have assumed you’d have understood the restraint of the American people. People sat armed in their homes and did nothing. People completely capable of putting those people down while they destroyed their businesses, homes, the cars in their driveways. Try a coup, push hard enough to remove those restraints and… It was a small push. Be thankful for that.

  40. Oh, and their not a democracy, their a Republic. Not to be that guy.

  41. 50 years ago armed black panthers stormed and entered the capital. Funny how thats not even mentioned…

  42. That was not in DC. Nor did they (two dozen people) break any laws; they left the building when told to leave.

  43. In 1983 the far-left terrorist group M19CO bombed the capital building. Susan Rosenburg was arrested and convicted in that one. You know Susan.. pardoned by Clinton. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter. Spare me your hypocritical out rage.

  44. She was not convicted in that one.

  45. Stop disrupting his alt narrative.

  46. She was arrested with firearms and explosives, blew up Govt Blgs, killed a guy, but… nope. We don’t care cause we drank ALL the kool aid. I’m.. okay 👌

  47. She went to jail for her actions, serving 16 years, and last week’s mob deserves to be treated likewise.

  48. The point is that it’s not a big deal. It happens. The Left makes it sound like it’s the end of world. And it’s unprecedented. Kind of like Covid when in reality neither one is that big a deal if you can look at things from a distance or historically. Everything is magnified thru the political lens. Like gender and race etc.. Don’t fall for it.

  49. It IS unprecedented. Name any other president inciting a mob to storm the senate. And nearly 400,000 deaths from a vrius, with many more to come, is not a small thing either — last time this happened was a century ago.

  50. Never let a crisis go to waste. The Lefts battle cry. But it’s failing. 99% survival rate. New President inbound in a few days. Against the law to fire people or restrict travel for refusing to take the gene therapy shot, (at least in the US). All is well if you shut off your screens. Besides all the people whining on this site probably don’t even live in the US. Makes you wonder why..

  51. Because this site is outside the states?

  52. My point exactly! Has to be jealousy. Has to be.

  53. Keep deluding yourself. Nobody is jealous of your moron president and his followers.

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