Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Terminally Lazy People

Sometimes it’s just so hard to get your sh*t together in time for Halloween, but we don’t blame you. Actually, we are here to help. Featured below are funny costume ideas that can be put together in minutes with almost no budget.

Costume not found.

White trash costume.

When life gives you lemons costume.

Nudist on a strike costume.

Gum on the bottom of a shoe costume.

50 shades of grey costume.

Facebook costume.

Bag of Eminems costume.

Candy wrappers costume.

Ceiling fan costume.

The black eyed peas costume.

Wolverine costume.

Identity theft.

Gingerbread man costume.

Nickelback costume.

Lactose intolerance costume.

Green with envy costume.

God's gift costume.

Formal apology costume.

Iron man costume.

Low budget man costume.

7 thoughts on “Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Terminally Lazy People”

  1. hey its all the same ones from last year.

  2. Which is of course part of the game.

  3. I’m title IX triggered.

  4. Well, that’s the idea. Also -“so last year” would make a great last-minute Halloween costume.

  5. You are right. Someone has to call NBC. How could they?

  6. Looks like identity theft is not the only poor life choices that girl has made.

  7. If one more idiot calls it IDENTITY THEFT…when it should be IDENTITY THIEF!!!! Verbs and nouns people!!

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