Lonely Meme: You Know, I’ve Been Feeling Lonely Lately…

This is how to properly talk to women, guys. Women love when you give them solutions to their problems. Works every time 120% of time.

You know, I've been feeling lonely lately... You should start a small business. Then you'll have a little company.

6 thoughts on “Lonely Meme: You Know, I’ve Been Feeling Lonely Lately…”

  1. Trump – I’ve been feeling lonely in this tiny jail cell.
    Guard – just drop the soap next time you’re having a shower, you’ll
    get plenty of attention.

  2. Dogs sleeping with cats, wars, rumors of wars, pestilence in the land, the world is heating, the world is, the asteroid is on its way, the demonic horde rule the air and people are consumed with trivia.

  3. I blame left-handed people, and gingers of course.

  4. Can’t blame gingers, they don’t have souls! Couldn’t have been their fault, like blaming a tree for a murder man!

  5. Gingers are a protected class. Racist.

  6. Youre a racist for classing gingers…..racist!

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