Lifting Weights Can Change Your Life

Lifting weights has changed my life. I dropped 25 pounds. Right on my big toe. I think it's broken now, I can hardly walk.

36 thoughts on “Lifting Weights Can Change Your Life”

  1. Everyone involved in this picture has since lost their hair.

  2. Too stupid to comment.
    Brain dead moron!

  3. Relax little fella, I believe you’re the brain dead moron for not getting the joke.

  4. New Covid booster tested on exactly 8 mice and zero humans. But your evil if you refuse to take it. Clown World 🌎

  5. Really? Wow! The real clowns are you and your orange friend in Mar-A-Lago.

  6. The only change to the vaccine is the inclusion of a second mRNA strand for a covid spike protein. That strand has already been tested in millions of people that contracted the virus.

  7. Sorry to hear you’re too stupid to comment anon, but I admire your honesty.

  8. Why would anyone spread misinformation for free? At least the St Petersburg trolls get paid for spreading b*llshit. Maybe taking all those deworming pills and drinking bleach have addled your brain, my cognitively impaired friend.

  9. Congratulations to all the folks born in September. After much study, and
    survey I have reached the conclusion we’re smarter, and better looking also.

  10. When you are “nothing” spreading this misinformation makes one important. Conspiracy theories make people feel chosen. Heightened. Like religion. And it’s addictive.

  11. The GMO’s have spoken. Must… take.. new.. jab.. be sure to get your affairs in order first. You poor, poor brainwashed slugs.

  12. Got three jabs. Never been healthier. You got debunked.

  13. Not one person I know died of the jab. Debunked.

  14. @Anon #3
    In software engineering it is common to run the complete unit test regiment even if one line of code is added. Of course this is only human biology and not something so important as a point of sale terminal or a spread sheet application. That said, I realize the first mRNA GMO treatment was not fully tested, but this just piles on and is just plain SADD.

  15. Sure, software engineers know everything about medical trials. You must be an expert for everything. Did you study at Trump university?

  16. A jab should be renamed “a poke”, millions would line up for a free poke.

  17. Let’s wait with the next release of covid until it is fully tested.

  18. I try not to eat GMO food and I never listen to GMO people. Sorry.

  19. When are ill with covid, your body is making the mRNA that is in the vaccine.

  20. G. M. O.

  21. People that were simultaneously infected by two variants of covid have already tested this combination of mRNA strands.

  22. No genes in humans, no genes in humans!!!

  23. mRNA isn’t a gene.

  24. Medicine is murder.

  25. The vaxx alters your human DNA. Now dance around that FACT so we can all laugh at you’re ignorance. Oh and the NIH quietly slipped Ivermectin into the list of treatments for Covid. So anyone who prevented someone from getting before is a murderer. Talking to you Justine.

  26. * Where is the experimental study confirming your “fact”? Covid has been shown to induce damage to human DNA.
    * From the NIH website: “The Panel recommends against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, except in clinical trials.”
    You are laughing at your own expense.

  27. Whatever he is writing of it’s not mRNA vaccines. Because they don’t alter DNA. Corona viruses do though.

  28. God gave us the scientists that invented mRNA vaccines. Therefore taking the jab is an act of God, Simon.

  29. The corona virus was created in a Russian lab to destabilize the west as a preparation for Pootins “special operation”. Didn’t work out well, though. Because bioweapons never do. But comrades not the brightest. Crippled their allies as well. Fail.

  30. Everything about the vaxx has turned out to be a lie. Doesn’t prevent spread, doesn’t prevent contagion, doesn’t prevent hospitalization and it doesn’t prevent death. Meanwhile 1000 of vaxxed young people athletes etc.. are dropping dead of heart problems. Now, they have a new untested booster and Justine is demanding 80-90% uptake or he’ll impose severe restrictions this winter. No evidence that it works, no evidence that it’s safe, no informed consent, just take or be locked down. All for a virus that is now effectively a bad cold. You can’t afford to be this dumb.

  31. Everything antivaxxers proclaimed out of medical illiteracy and financial gain turned out to be utter BS. Go home, Simon.

  32. So the UK isn’t allowing children under 12 to get the vax now. Bet Justin will keep jabbing children. Your ProPharma propaganda tells people all they need to know.

  33. Simon, we know you are jabbed yourself. It’s just about your obsession with Mr. Trudeau. No one takes you serious.

  34. Trudeau is a joke you got me there. But the UK did ban the jabs for children because of the high numbers of side effects and deaths. Jab all you like, but Stop with the Big Pharma lies. Safe and effective has become sudden and mysterious and you know it. And I’m a pure blood. Always will be.

  35. Oh, Simon. You need help. #mentalhealth

  36. Beep Boop 🤖

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