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  1. No, eatliver.
    If you shoot a human, you shouldn’t have had access to a gun.
    Try repeating a few times, maybe you’ll get it.

    • Would you like to qualify that?
      What if you’re doing your duty as a policeman?
      What if you’re properly licensed and you are defending yourself or another innocent?
      Repeat this question to yourself as long as you need to.

    • ooh, burn.

    • Well, Steve. What about the attacker not having a firing arm? There wouldn’t be any need to shoot him or her, right. A taser, for instance, would do and the culprit could be confronted with a fair trial. As soon as someone is shot dead the public will never know whether or not he or she actually was the offender in the first place.

    • @ animal and anteater
      You know what kind of criminal is a good criminal???
      That’s right, a DEAD criminal!!!

    • The defence argument is gibberish. If guns aren’t common in society it becomes difficult for bad guys to get them. The vastly larger number of gun deaths in countries where they’ve yet to realise this, proves it.

  2. national internationalist March 2, 2017

    United States, the only place in the world where logic does not always apply to thought.

  3. yes we get on fine without guns and US Americans really should think long and hard about how that just might be doable. The posting here on E/L btw is a bit suckful. If you kill someone, then that doesn’t necessarily invoke the charge of ‘evildoer’. If you kill animals for ‘sport’ (and not to eat), then you may be an evildoer, but more likely a childlike retard.

    • No, if you kill animals for “sport”, you are, in fact, evil, and generally a hypocrite. I have asked every idiot who went on an “if you eat, you need to know where your food comes from and how it’s produced” if they would like me to teach them to make a shirt and a pair of pants. They all wear clothes but not one has had the slightest interest in learning how to sew.

    • Nothing wrong with killing vermin like RATS.

    • Nothing wrong with wiping out plagues.

  4. Rootin Tootin Cowboy March 2, 2017

    How ’bout running over a bunch of people with a truck – like in Nice, France? You libtards OK with that?

    • Whilst I don’t know what a libtard is, I haven’t come across one single person, no matter what political camp they think they are in, who was or would be fine with something like that. Wanna ban trucks? Well, how about finding out how many people get killed by fire arms in, say the USA on an annual basis and how many are killed by terrorist driven trucks say in Europe?

    • Anteater – just continue to import the Syrian “refugees” and you’ll find a lot of people that are okay with running over people with a truck.
      and by the way, where exactly have you been the last 16+ years?

  5. Attn: Libtards. Gun ownership is legal in Canada, yet you never beyatch about them having guns. Why is that?

    • Because we’re, on the whole, not crazy. It’s acceptable for sane, reasonable people to have access to weaponry, and shouldn’t be so for the UnStAble.

    • Dweezil-da-Weezil March 3, 2017

      Seems the canucks can handle their guns a lot better than you ‘murricans.

    • Well, let’s see, in 2016 a crazy ba^%$rd in France used a truck to kill 86 people. In 2016 a crazy ba^%$rd in Germany killed twelve with a truck. So, by your logic, Europe should outlaw trucks because Euros are too unstable to have access to them. In 2014 a crazy ba^%$rd in China used a knife to kill 29 at a train station. In 2010 a crazy ba^%$rd in China killed eight children with a knife. And just two months ago another crazy ba^%$rd in China used a knife to attack 11 KINDERGARTEN students. So, by your logic, China should outlaw knives because Chinese are too unstable to have access to knives.

    • The US has ten time the population of Canada but 50 times the number of gun deaths. You people and your guns are fucking crazy. Also your cars (Lizzie Grubman), sweatpants (Jimmy Hackley), and lamps (Bryant Willerson).

    • Comparing the Canucks to the USA is a fools errand.
      Cuz there’s like 1 Canuck to every 100 ‘Muricans. And about 1/3 of those Canucks speak French.

  6. Neurologist March 2, 2017

    Dear Liver.
    You should stick to stealing material from other sites (like sadanduseless). This right propaganda is just pathetic. So… good night and good luck.
    Your ex-reader.

  7. Odd, no seems to mention all the weaponry in the Middle East.

    • That’s because, according to the Euros and Canucks, all of the crazies are in the US.

  8. Switzerland has loads of guns, and the Swiss don’t kill many people, because they tend not to shoot people unless under extreme pressure. However, in the US, people see things differently.

    • FakeAmerican March 3, 2017

      In US we shoot for the kick. The good feeling of killing.

    • hey Faker
      the only good vermin is a dead one. and that feels pretty good, killing a vermin.
      Call the good ole U.S. of A next time you need some vermin killin’.
      Know what I’m sayin?

  9. Xanithar Proctin March 6, 2017

    Who is evil if an animal shoots tou with a gun>?

  10. Prof. Farnsworth May 28, 2017

    I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

  11. Liberal logic: We support llegal immigrants who come over our borders with illegal guns, AIDS and drugs, but we want more federal funding for gun control, AIDS and drugs.

    Conservative logic: We oppose people who can’t follow our immigration laws and come over our border with guns and drugs, build that wall and STOP ENTITLMENTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS>

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