Trump’s Greatest Quote Yet



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  1. “Uranium = Nuclear Weapons. And also bad things.” Trump 2017
    Cats > Uranium

  2. One of those bad things is using uranium in tanning beds, you ochre toned half-wit.

    • I am not a crook March 3, 2017

      That must be why Hillary sold all that uranium to Russia when she was Secretary of State.

    • Hmmm. Clever rebuttal. You must be a shining star in the conservative firmament.

    • Uranium in tanning beds? That’s a new one for me. Mercury vapor, certainly, but uranium? Maybe in military rounds, armor, power generation, scientific research and 1920’s era glassware but tanning beds?
      Notice I’m not refuting the half-wit part.

    • Yeah, I was just taking a farcical jab at the half-wit’s wildly unnatural pigmentation. Not much of a science buff, and don’t actually know what causes those indoor ultraviolets, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t uranium.

    • I was curious about the uranium since I frequently work around germicidal lamps and biological safety cabinets and wondered if there was some other technology in Europe or Canada I’ve never heard.
      They (and common fluorescent lights) use mercury vapor to emit uv radiation but regular fluorescent lights have a fluorescent coating to lengthen the wavelength to visible light and made of regular glass and other coatings to reduce the amount of uv released. Germicidal lamps are quartz glass to allow the uv through to damage any DNA nearby. Tanning lights would have to block higher energy uv-c (esp around 260 nanometers) to avoid serious DNA damage. I’ve had a friend get “sunburns” from working over uv trans-illuminators without a uv opaque faceshield.

    • Given the quality of some Russian consumer products I’ve encountered over the years, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if their tanning beds did contain a dollop of yellow cake.

    • Salzigtal March 4, 2017

      The free complimentary Polonium milkshake will make the burning sensation go away.

    • Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

      Are you a fan of the stranglers? If so, good on you!

  3. Deep State Counter Counter Insurgent March 2, 2017

    Al Qaeda is still a threat. We cannot pretend somehow that because Barack Hussein Obama got elected as president, suddenly everything is going to be OK.
    Barack Hussein Obama

  4. Deep State Counter Counter Insurgent March 2, 2017

    “Islam has a proud tradition of Tolerance”
    “If you like your doctor your doctor you can keep your doctor”

  5. Deep State Counter Counter Insurgent March 2, 2017

    Also, I seem to posting irrelevant comments. I think I’m on the wrong page.

  6. Bubba and Joe Bob March 3, 2017

    Joe Bob here… Bubba’s scratchin’ his head for a change from scratchin’ his other end and wondering, is this some of that fake news everbody’s been talking about. I tolled to stay out of this, it ain’t his dog fight.

  7. Pasta Farakan March 3, 2017

    How about getting back to sad cats, squatting Russians and real humor.

  8. That imbecile managed to piss me off even more than usual today. I did military service for my country, being stationed at the NATO military airport closest to the Russian border during the late stages of the cold war. I’ve got nothing against people who haven’t done service though, as long as they don’t do what the chicken-in-chief did today and pretend to be military men. The orange moron who got FIVE deferments from Vietnam pranced around in a navy jacket and cap – not even in somewhere like Iraq, but safely at home in Virginia. Urgh. Plus points to the guy who said that the only jacket Trump should be wearing is a straight jacket:

    • Staff Sargeant March 3, 2017

      Joe Biden had 5 deferments had Viet Nam. Asthma. Funny that asthma didn’t stop Joe from playing football in college. Biden’s son Hunter, the one discharged from the Navy for drug use, has now married the widow of Biden’s dead son beau. During the divorce proceedings of Beau and his ex wife Kathleen, there was testimony of alcohol, cocaine, strip clubs , prostitutes, gifts for women who Beau had relations with, and lavish spending that left no money for his family to pay their bills. Apparently Joe is OK with all this. Great family.

    • Dweezil-da-Weezil March 3, 2017

      So what? Trump hasn’t even tied his own shoes ever, and his sons sacrifice blonde virgins to drink their blood. Just look at them. I get it, the Clinons are bad, Biden is a tool, gotcha. But they’re not Trump. Charles Manson is more coherent and more capable of leading a country than that rape child of an Orang Utan.

    • Now now, Staff, if you start bringing actual facts to the discussion you are going to tweak some noses the wrong way.

    • Staff Sargeant March 3, 2017

      Forgot to mention that Hunter Biden got a sweet gig on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian oil company, just days after his vice president father visited there in 2014. What a coincidence. How do you spell nepotism?

    • David Trump March 30, 2017

      Hey Sarge, they can treat that PTS of yours.

  9. Kauf Buch March 3, 2017

    At least OBAMA *knows* Austrians speak AUSTRIAN….

    • Hea mit da Marie! March 3, 2017

      Austrians are pretty used to Americans telling them: “If it wasn’t for us you would be speaking German!” (Sometimes after complaining about the lack of kangaroos). So it’s not a problem really.
      P.S.: Jetzt fia di net so auf, nua weu i scheh bin und du net!

    • The Good German March 3, 2017

      Actually Austrians do speak their own language, their own German. It’s called “Österreichisches Deutsch” (Austrian German). It differs slightly from the “Bundesdeutsch” or “Hochdeutsch” (Federal German or High German) which is spoken in Germany or the “Schweizer Hochdeutsch” (Swiss High German). A German dictionary is not be used in Austria! The Duden nicely provides both versions though.
      Kauf Buch didn’t make his homework again.

    • David Trump March 30, 2017

      and there’s no such thing as a Polock.

  10. Italiano Medio March 3, 2017

    He really did say it like that.

  11. FakeAmerican March 3, 2017

    Means: “I don’t know a thing about uranium and explain this to you in too many words to look like a statesman.” So sad.

  12. GW Bush corrected Trump and said they are called nucular weapons.

    • Salzigtal March 4, 2017

      I think Bush the Younger spells it “nukeular” because it’s the singular of nukes.

    • David Trump March 30, 2017

      As long as they go BANG who gives a sh@t what you call it !

  13. Salzigtal March 4, 2017

    So now, POTUS Asteriscus V is stealing material from Jake Harper & Bart Simpson’s book reports? I thought Cheeto Benito was more of a bankruptcy & fraud guy than a plagiarizer & a thief. Perhaps his staff read the book for him and messed up the Powerpoint® presentation.

    • David Trump March 30, 2017

      Please keep it 10 words or less as I have a very short attention span.

  14. Xanithar Proctin March 6, 2017

    He’s a dumb, lying *******.

  15. David Trump March 30, 2017

    “I’m like a smart person. I have a functioning liver”.

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