Father Always Knows Best


Dad, when I become a man, I want to be a liberal. Well... You have to choose one, son. You can’t be both.


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  1. This is perhaps the single most accurate post I’ve ever seen on this confused site.

    • Agree. But even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    • Toxic maskulinity 101. He’ll end up as a sore loser just like his father if he follows that advice. So sad.

    • It is good to see a joke about liberals, that’s true.

      Accurate? lol. I guess my truck isn’t jacked up enough. I really ought to get some of those balls to hang off the hitch and some more guns.

  2. Social reproduction October 13, 2021

    like father, like son… father no clue > son no clue :)
    the way of the world…

  3. If you don’t have a logical way to criticize someone, just insult their manhood. It worked so good in jr high and high school, it has to work in real life, right?

  4. Well…if wanting to spend 37000 of my money on a budget containing the most liberal programs since Roosevelt when I can’t afford it makes you a man…. then I guess Biden is quite manly.

  5. lol – ive never met a republican that was manly – they are all a bunch wimps that just complain all day about every little friggin thing – they act like they are super tough but the moment that the rubber hits the road these pathetic excuses of courageous actors turn and run – lol – seriously – to think that a conservative is ‘manly’ is about the funniest thing ever – all they do is bitch about Dr. Seuss and the gays – i mean for real they meet the very definition of a child’s tantrum embodied.

    • True. They get a panic attack when they have to put a piece of thin cloth on they mouth and fear small needles.

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